We love the word "shenanigans." Just saying the word is practically as much fun as planning some shenanigans to pull on someone.

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Shenanigans is supplied informally to mean either mischief or pranks, as in Steve and also Matt planned the usual Halloween shenanigans of toilet-papering homes. 

Shenanigans can likewise mean deceit or trickery, as in The agency took a difficult line against shenanigans prefer filing costs for items never purchased. 

Shenanigans is also supplied to suppose the mischievous or underhanded trick itself, as in After being conned continuously by the gambler, Noah warned everyone of the gambler’s loaded dice shenanigans. 

Example: We all knew that the plastic spiders were part of Warren’s usual shenanigans.

Wbelow does shenanigans come from?

The first records of shenanigans come from around 1850. It is an Americanism of unwell-known origin.

Words shenanigans is frequently provided to define the valuable jokes pulled by children and also teens or the mischief that they obtain right into. When provided to explain the task of adults, the word shenanigans is a lot even more likely to mean deceit or trickery.

Because the word shenanigans is informal, once it is offered in news media, it is often offered to describe whimsical mischief or illegal actions that was poorly planned or quickly stopped by the police.

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What are some various other develops regarded shenanigans?

shenanigan (singular noun)

What are some synonyms for shenanigans?

What are some words that regularly acquire supplied in mentioning shenanigans?

How is shenanigans used in actual life?

Shenanigans is commonly provided to define mischief and prankish antics, and to illegal or unethical actions.

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Time to earlier up and wipe my difficult drive and start all over! Hopecompletely Windows doesn't have some April Fool's shenanigans up it's sleeve…

— Matt Zagursky (
Sevadus) April 1, 2015

I don't believe election fraud is widespread however as a previous Philly guy, you need to certainly take polling area shenanigans seriously

— Patrick Ruffini (
PatrickRuffini) August 13, 2016

To our credit, England's distaste at FIFA's shenanigans generally leads to us leaving the World Cup in disgust very at an early stage.

— John Allikid