"Alis volat propriis" -- Latin for "she flies with her own wings." It is the perfect summary of a smart, strong, independent woguy that, by virtue of her difficult occupational and also determicountry, has actually made a place for herself in this civilization. The expression is hand-stamped on a 1" bruburned nickel pendant. It is domed, through a soft matte end up, and hangs on your alternative of an 18" steel snake chain or an adjusteady babsence leather cord.

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Perfect for:

Smart, solid, established women(Also smart, strong, established guys, as the Latin expression is technically gender neutral)

Necklace was precisely what I was trying to find -- incredibly well made, chain was perfect length. Seemed prefer I obtained it within 48 hours of ordering... I think that"s best. Anyhow, many type of thanks!

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I loved it, and as soon as I saw it's based in Eugene, I had actually to! I'm going to grad college at UO in the autumn.