Coolest 55+ DIY Cat in the Hat Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costumes

Know a mischievous pair that can channel the Cat in the Hat’s blue-haired trouble makers? Then check out these awesome costumes for Halloween! For the ultimate twin costume, take a look at the wonderful Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes below. The finest component is that you can make these fun DIY costumes cheaply and also quickly.

A significant red box can’t contain the creativity of this costume repertoire. Take Dr. Suess’ creativity to new places by looking at the different versions of these homemade costumes. Also, discover exactly how grvery own males and women put their own spin on this couple costume. You will even see a pair of dogs as the trouble-making pair.

So fashion a pair of red outfits and be part of a devious duo this Halloween. Please share your homemade costume with us here and inspire others on their DIY costume journey!

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I am a Dr. Seuss fan, as are my daughters. I assumed it would certainly be excellent to make a Cat in the Hat costume and lug the Cat in the Hat to life. Thing 1 and also Thing 2 Costume Instructions I sewed Thing 1 and 2 using red fleece for the body suit, gloves and also … Read more


So, what do you carry out for Halloween Costumes for a 3 yr old & his 1 yr old twin brothers? Make them Thing 1 & Thing 2 & Cat in the Hat while you have the right to still choose their costumes! These are my 3 boys Javaughn, Lavantae & Kyvell as Cat in the Hat & Thing … Read more


I’m a solitary mom who had actually my 2 earliest youngsters at a really young age. But I attempt not to let that influence nor take amethod from us having money and also enjoying our life together. I obtain to do things I missed out on at their age and also they get to execute points they might … Read more

This couple costume was made by piecing together principles while living in various cities. I wanted to wear the red spandex body suit, and my friend ordered tradition pins that shelp thing one point as well. That is our actual hair, teased and also dyed through around 4 bottles each of blue hair spray and included lashes … Read more

For our Thing 1 and Thing 2 kid costumes, I began via 2 red T-shirts and 2 sheets white felt (which I had). For the pants, my older boy already had actually all imperial blue spidermale pajama pants (tiny logo design was spanned by T-shirt ) and also for my bit one, I uncovered a pair of royal … Read more

I bought the Thing 1 and Thing 2 onesies for the twins as soon as I was 6 months pregnant (discovered them at a consignment keep for $10 for both). I wasn’t certain what I was going to carry out through them at the moment yet I knew I wanted them to wear them and to take images … Read more

Cat in the Hat The “belly” was made out of white felt that I reduced into an oval shape & pinned it to one of my babsence dresses. I provided an old Christmas bow as the tie and also the hat was actually a patriotic hat that had blue stars all approximately the initially row. I … Read more

My youngsters and I stumbled upon a snapshot of point one and thing 2 Halloween costumes when I was pregnant and also chose to be a point family members for Halloween via the youngsters being point 1, 2 & 3. We supplied blue temporary hair spray to make our hair blue, I made corresponding tutus for my … Read more

My ideal friend and I wanted to have actually cute costumes this Halloween but we didn’t desire to have to concern around running into someone else via the same costume! We did some online looking and also came up with the perfect idea: Thing 1 & Thing 2! We bought all of the pieces seperately (wig, sequin … Read more

We wanted to perform a team theme and wanted it to relate to our everyday characters. Thing 1(myself) and also Thing 2(coworker/friend) Cat(friend) are a rambunctious team together always acting wild and crazy! So we thought this idea was the best! Cheapest Halloween ever! The “things ” made our tutu ‘s very simple however your arms … Read more

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Since my sister and also I look aprefer, we thought we would certainly use it to our benefit in Halloween 2011. Our costume came out awesome as THING 1 and THING 2 from The Cat in The Hat, Dr. Seuss. Creating the costume: Both of these costumes took most time, and also I owe it largely … Read more

We made a decision to do this because it would certainly somepoint fun for me and also my 2 friends to perform as a group. He basically simply wore a babsence peak, babsence pants and we used a white toilet seat cover for the middle of his chest. Then bought a cat n the hate peak hate and bow … Read more