Big tells Carrie that he's leaving his wife. Miranda faces her breakup and Steve moving out of the apartment. After meeting the MacDougal family matriarch, Charlotte maneuvers Trey right into making an "alrighty" proposal. Samantha is upset once dating a warm man through "funky spunk".

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Welcome earlier to the rewatch discussion. We hope you’ve took pleasure in rewatching the episode. Just like before I have actually compiled some trivia bits to aid discussion:

The episode premiered Sunday, August 6, 2000 on HBO and was watched by 3.50 million viewers

It was composed by series executive producer Michael Patrick King and directed by Charles McDougall. This is the first of six episodes to be directed by McDougall. He likewise directed the pilot for The Good Wife which stars Chris Noth.

Natasha (Bridgain Moynahan) retransforms briefly in this episode and is wearing her signature shade white. The reason she always wore white is to portray her as boring vanilla.

Bobby Cannavale guest stars as Samantha’s funky spunk man. At the moment of this episode he was the majority of famed for playing Roberto Caffrey on Third Watch. He likewise played Will’s boyfrifinish Vince D'Angelo on Will and Grace.

This was Kirven Blount’s (Bean Sprouty Waiter) initially noted iMDB function. He now functions as an editor for Ghold Adventures.

This episode is the first appearance for Frances Sternhagen (Bunny MacDougal). She is many famed for playing Phyllis Corrigan on The Doctors, Millicent Carter on ER, and also Willie Ray Johnson on The Closer.

Steve (David Eigenberg) decomponents in this episode. He will rerevolve in the seaboy finale.

Carrie confoffers the left and also best brain by saying the left is more emotional while appropriate is more logical. It’s actually reversed and also the left is sassist to be logical while the appropriate is emotional.

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iMDB says: “Darren Starr says that Charlotte storming out of the coffee shop in the time of Samantha's "funky spunk" conversation represents that portion of the audience which would be uncomfortable through the subject.”

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