Do you remember the I Heart NY episode?...Miranda offered birth to Brady,Samantha wears a ridiculous wig to stalk Richard, suspecting he is cheating on her...?
This episode is full of all the faithtotally ceded laughs and emotional moments that SATC offered to us...yet this episode by much,was one of the most romantic of them all.

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It proved a sad romance, a beautiful romance, an undying romance, a challenging yet dashing romance betweenCarrie and Mr. Big.
...Carrie asks Big if she can drop by one night, she is lonely... just to uncover as soon as she gets tbelow, Big,in his empty apartment, containing onlya bed, a record player and a box of classic documents.Mr. Big is leaving New York and moving to Napa.

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With all her could, Carries tries to hide her devastation, masking it via humor.Although at this time they haven"t been together in rather at some time, Mr. Big is still such a component of her. She feels safe understanding he is in the exact same city, she loves him deeply in so many type of means despite all they have been via.This story line combines so many kind of different feelings and also emotions;
Big plays her an old record, Moon River, and they dance closly in his bare apartment,Carrie is so sad and also disappointed.

For me the choice of song made me love this episode all that a lot even more. Moon River has actually constantly been among my the majority of favorite songs, so romantic and poignant. I always wondered why I instantly loved such an old classic song at such a young age, virtually as if I had actually well-known it always. Some years later it became sassist that Moon River was one of my late Nan and Grandfathers favorite songs.My Grandpaleas love was a true romance in it"s very own right. At the age of 14 my Nan visited accomplish a date at the movies, but he didn"t present... she obtained to talking to another young guy who occurred to be there alone.Two years later on at the age of 16 she married him, that young guy was my grandpa...they loved each other dearly on until the day they passed away.A little bit time later my Grandfather admitted that he had actually his eyes on her for a long time, he had heard she was going on a date via this young guy from town. Their meeting at the movies was not by possibility at all... he, in-truth, waited external the movies for the young male and also passist him to leave and not go in and also satisfy her. To me that is very romantic! :)So Moon River, one of the the majority of romantic songs of all times,have to have constantly been inside me bereason of their love...An absolutely perfect song for this scene.After their dance, Carrie asks big for an additional date before he let her take him out to give the amazing city of New York a appropriate goodbye.Anticipating their date, I was so certain Mr. Big would certainly back out and let her dvery own choose he has so many type of times before. But he didn"t, he was tright here for Carrieand provided her that closure she additional amazing reason I loved this episode.They took a carriage ride with Central Park, Carrie contemplated if she should sleep through him one more time prior to he leaves... they kiss... but then their day is reduced brief by a phone speak to from Miranda... she remained in labor! Like the prince charming he has actually been so many kind of times, Big convinces the carriage driver to break the rules and take them all the means to the hospital procedures.They setup to satisfy the next morning prior to he leaves yet as soon as she gets to his apartment, he has already gone. The apartment is empty... and also tright here against the wallwas his Moon River record... with a note,"If you ever obtain lonely"...And a plane ticket to Napa with a note,"If I ever before obtain lonely"... With those easy words he implies, carry out not forget me, and I will not be forgaining you.I can"t get enough of this episode... I could watch it over and also over. I love that, through all the complications of Big and also Carrie"s connection over the years, this episode gave them such a magical couple of days, some of the finest moments they had shared up till that time, simple conversation, respect, honesty and a love that didn"t require words or sex to expush it. It was simply tbelow, between them, all about them.If you discover time, watch this episode aacquire, or for the initially time, it is truly magical...oh and on their date, Carrie is wearing my a lot of favorite Christian Louboutins to date...Pink, ruffled and romantic