This episode is more than likely in my height 5 of all SATC episodes. Not simply because Carrie gets told off/yelled at and is a Nina Katz Face Victim at leastern 3 times, but bereason of what Samantha does for Miranda and Trey does for Charlotte. (Special cite to Kendall from 4D who we never before watch aacquire yet brings Miranda that vibrating baby chair that ultimately calms Brady down.)

Carrie and also Stanford are at a Broadmeans Review of Chicago to assistance Marcus. Well, Stanford is there to assistance Marcus and Carrie is more involved with her upcoming book review in the New York Times by Michiko Kakutani (MK). Of course, bereason she’s the worst, she likewise makes a snide comment around how she currently understands the three drink minimum.

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Here are various other factors she’s the worst:

#1 – She goes to the bathroom and also inserts herself right into a conversation between 2 women complaining around exactly how the just guys at this event are gay. Big mistake, Bradshaw. It transforms out one of the women is Nina Katz, booker for SNL and initially girlfrifinish of Aidan after Carrie. Yikes. That would explain this look.


Carrie’s look in response to this is some kind of confusion, as if she wasn’t responsible for ripping Aidan’s beating heart out of his chest. This look is the look of someone who thinks they are blameless when finishing an engagement that never should have happened in the first place. Although I guess technically Aidan finished it however you obtain my suggest.


#2 – The next morning at brunch through the girls, she really kicks the self-involvement up a notch. She calls her encounter with Nina a “challenge and run” (sure).

Then this happens:

Okay, however wbelow is the lie?

To recap, he was madly in love via her as soon as she told him (ON THE MORNING OF CHARLOTTE’S WEDDING) that she cheated on him through Big. Then she badgered him right into obtaining earlier together, shits on him for still being mad about and also jealous of Big, accepts his marriage proposal and then drives him ameans bereason she’s “not ready” and he’s “pushing” her. So yeah – he would be messed up after that, wouldn’t he? Luckily this episode provides me around 900 more times to rage about exactly how delusional she is.

#3 – Poor Miranda is tired bereason Brady cries all the moment and doesn’t sleep. (Not cool that Samantha takes this cue to confirm her appointment through John Mandy at the John Mandy Salon but she makes up for it later). Charlotte offers to go home via her and also help and also mentions she is meeting through a divorce lawyer on Monday and also wants to pick her brain. Carrie interjects through the adhering to critically essential and relevant question: “Ask him if I could gain an injunction to sheight a face.” The method Charlotte just ignores that and moves on is impressive.

SIDEBAR: The fact that Charlotte ditches her warm lawyer for Harry so she can be herself and also then ends up falling in love through him is epic.

#4 – Carrie gets up early on to get a copy of the Times so she can check out her testimonial. Totally fine. Not totally fine? Calling Miranda to check out it to her. Miranda is stressed and running on a single hour of sleep and also the last thing she demands is this bitch reading a book testimonial to her while she is trying to obtain ready for occupational. MK’s book review ends on the sentiment that Carrie finds males disposable (or at least writes that way). Instead of focusing on the remainder of the positive testimonial, she hones in on the last 3 words (men are disposable) and also launches herself onto Obsession Island.

#5 – An worn down Miranda has to listen to Carrie blather on about whether or not MK thinks she is a good perboy. One misconception I had actually around a part of this conversation is once Miranda accidentally drops asleep.

Carrie: So, yes, some of the males in the book are probably a little disposable, however this renders it sound choose I think guys are disposable in life. What? What’s with the pause?

Miranda: I’m sorry. I fell asleep for a 2nd.

Carrie: That’s a disastrous thing to think about me. Oh, my God, that’s what the confront meant. Do you think that Aidan thinks that I think he was disposable?

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For the LONGEST time, I assumed Carrie was saying it was destructive of Miranda to think she was boring enough that one could loss asleep on the phone with her. But no. She ignored that totality component and was still focused on the definition of Nina’s confront and also whether or not MK thinks she disposes of men. If I were Miranda I would have hung up on her ass by currently.

#6 – Carrie then assumes Aidan told Nina and also Steve that Carrie disposed of him and currently Steve hates her because she never before sees him anymore. (She doesn’t watch him bereason of his facility partnership with Miranda – go figure).

As the spiral continues, Miranda ultimately loses it.

Carrie: I functioned exceptionally difficult at taking treatment of Aidan’s feelings. Will you mention that to Steve? Due to the fact that if Aidan told Steve…

Miranda: Carrie, you know what? Maybe you have to call your girlfrifinish Samantha. She has all kinds of time to talk about this kind of stuff. I understand it’s me and I’m jealous of her free time and all, yet if she can probably simply once acexpertise the reality that I’ve had a baby… It’s not enough I’ve alienated my neighbor. Now I’m alienating my friends.

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But DID she work tough to take care of Aidan’s feelings? Due to the fact that it seemed favor it was all around her. She wasn’t prepared to get married and also unwilling to deteriorate, therefore….yeah sure, she absolutely took Aidan’s feelings into consideration below. And additionally, she KNEW it hurt his feelings that she started wearing her engagement ring on a necklace however continued to carry out it anymethod. Bang up task all about.

#7 – Carrie and also Samantha are meeting for lunch when Carrie asks for a favor – for as soon as, not a selfish one. She wants Samantha to acknowledge Miranda has actually a baby and also attempt to be a little bit more supportive. This is all destroyed, of course, when she runs into a colleague, Julia, from Vogue that happens to be meeting Nina Katz for lunch.

Nina is trying to be polite yet we acquire this from Carrie:


Now, I will certainly say she provides this challenge AFTER Julia asks Nina exactly how she and Carrie recognize each other and also Nina states she will certainly define over lunch. But INITIALLY as soon as Nina is being nice, Carrie can’t also fake not being shell shocked. Even worse for Carrie, Samantha knows Nina because she is the booker for SNL. Carrie’s main issue, of course, is that Nina is going to tell Julia exactly how Carrie sucks ass and also now everyone at Vogue and SNL will certainly think so too.

SIDEBAR 2: Samantha Jones is a national treacertain.

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After this, she goes to Miranda’s to send her to the hair appointment through John Mandy while Samantha watches Brady. I love this so much bereason Samantha is not a baby perkid at all but she loves Miranda enough to be “Mary Fuckin’ Poppins” for a couple of hours. And Miranda is SO grateful, it is such a sweet moment and gesture.

#8 – While Samantha is trying to number out why Brady is crying, Carrie calls her to obsess even more around Nina (motivated by watching an SNL rerun and seeing her name in the credits). She especially desires to know whether or not Samantha thinks Nina is trashing her to random celebrity hosts. Then she hears Brady screaming in the background and asks if she is at a zoo. Once it is establiburned that Samantha is in fact NOT at a zoo, she shuts dvery own Carrie’s attempt to lug the conversation ago to Nina and before she hangs up on her, tells her to speak to Charlotte rather.


As Harry claims, DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD. Shove it, Bunny! Also, Trey gets extra points for going versus what was supposedly an iron clad prenup.

#9 – Carrie can’t stop obsessing about Nina so decides it would be an excellent concept to call Steve and be as vague as possible once asking him to come satisfy up via her. As they sit on the stoop of her apartment, negative Steve thinks Carrie summoned him tbelow to tell him Miranda doesn’t want him calling so much.