Carrie is reluctant to tell Aidan that she had an abortion as soon as she was 22. Charlotte discovers she just has actually a fifteenager percent possibility of acquiring pregnant normally. Miranda finds out she's pregnant by Steve, and also disputes whether or not to keep the baby. Samantha gets Lucy Liu as a client and also tries to use the relationship to her advantage.

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Please usage this thcheck out as a space to talk about any type of thoughts, feelings, reactions, etc. to the episode.

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Carrie is my inspiration
Welcome earlier to the rewatch discussion. We hope you’ve delighted in rewatching the episode. Just like before I have compiled some trivia bits to help discussion:

The episode premiered Sunday August 5, 2001 on HBO and was watched by 5.87 million viewers.

This is the 12th episode to be created by Jenny Bicks and the 1st of 6 episodes to be directed by David Frankel. He is currently well-known for directing movies consisting of The Devil Wears Prada, Marley and also Me, Hope Springs, and Collateral Beauty.

This was Alan Serrano’s initially provided iMDB function as waiter (uncredited). He retransforms as an unattributed pedestrian in the next episode.

John-Paul Lavoisier (uncredited model) is well-known for his work as Rex Balsom on One Life to Live and Phillip Kiriakis on Days of our Lives.

This was Josh Burrow’s (Chad) initially listed iMDB role. He is most likely finest known for playing Nick on Netflix’s The Ranch.

The many famous guest star is obviously Lucy Liu who was simply fresh off of playing Alex in Charlie’s Angels. She’s well-known for her film roles including Kill Bill and Chicago. She’s additionally well-known for her TV functions as Ling Woo on Ally McBeal, Dr. Joan Watson on Elementary, and Simone Grove in Why Woguys Kill.

In spite of Lucy Liu and the Hermes PR rep saying Samantha said “fuck” 12 times over the phone, she just shelp it 4 times.

According to an EW write-up the word “abortion” is sassist 3 times during this episode. We likewise uncover out that Samantha has had actually 2 while Carrie has one totaling 3 for the team.

This is the first time Miranda and also Charlotte have a scene together that is simply them 2.

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