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This spray is good for the off days once you"re not shampooing and also do not want your hair to look choose Ted Kaczynski"s.
I soooooooo wish I did not love this expensive little have the right to of dry conditioner, but I really really carry out. I use it eincredibly various other day (in combicountry with Batiste Dry Shampoo), and also it renders my ends as soft and smooth as they were once freshly waburned and also styled. Time conserving. Damage conserving. Compliment-worthy scent. Perfect!
I think I’m in the 80’s again through one spray of this volumizer and my hair looks choose luxurious and also full.
I am honestly not even certain what this is expected to carry out so I don"t understand if it does that well or not. I buy it simply for the smell which is heavenly! I wish I could make everything smell like this, yet I need to resolve for just my hair!
I usage this on the bottom fifty percent of my hair after I"ve supplied dry shampoo on the roots. It functions really well in keeping my hair soft and also full throughout the day. I do notice a big difference using this as opposed to just using dry shampoo, so I will certainly continue making use of it for a long time. I have right, semi-fine blonde highlighted hair that have the right to quickly look damaged, but this product keeps it looking healthy in between washes.
This so a lot better than dry shampoo. This product will certainly buy you an added day or two in between hair washes. Some dry shampoos leave your hair feeling grsimple yet not this one. You just spray it on your hair shafts rather of your roots choose dry shampoo.
This doesn"t condition my hair as well as some other dry conditioners I"ve tried. It"s closer to a dry shampoo for me. My hair is extremely dry to start through, though. Smells exceptional.

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