​Fortnite Seaboy 7 Week 5 Battle Star location will certainly be essential for players that efficiently finish all challenges each week, as they will certainly be able to snag a secret Battle Star. They'll just must discover it first.

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​​The area of the trick Battle Star is teased in the new loading display players will certainly get after completing the ​Fortnite Seakid 7 Week 5 obstacles. At the optimal left corner of the loading screen, players have the right to spot part of the Battle Star peeking from the roof of the tiny lodge.

Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 Battle Star location

The lodge deserve to be uncovered in between Frosty Flights and also Happy Hamlet, two areas that are extended in scurrently. Tright here is an area that has actually a hole in it, which players deserve to drop dvery own into and land on the roof of the lodge. 

After communicating via the Battle Star, players will obtain the complimentary Battle Pass tier after the match ends.

Cover photo courtesy of Epic Games 

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