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The First and Second Books of Adam and also Eve are classed as pseudegraphica which suggests “false works.” 

In Publication 2<1>, the “sons of God” who appear in Genesis 6:2 are determined as the children of Seth, and the “daughters of men” as womales descfinished from Cain, who properly tempt most of the Sethites to come dvery own from their mountain and also join the Cainites in the valley below, under the instigation of Genun, kid of Lamech. This Genun, as the inventor of musical tools, seems to correspond to the Biblical Jubal; yet he also invents tools of battle. The Cainites, descended from Cain the initially murderer, are defined as exceedingly wicked, being vulnerable to commit murder and also incest. After seducing the Sethites, their offspring become the Nephilim, the “mighty men” of Gen. 6 who are all damaged in the deluge, as also thorough in other functions such as I Enoch and Jubilees.

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Question: What is the Publication of Adam and Eve?

OUTLINE: The 2nd Book of Adam and also Eve


Chapter. 01 – The grief stricken household, Cain marries Luluwa and they move ameans.

Chapter. 02 – A 3rd kid is born to Adam and also Eve.

Chapter. 03 – Satan shows up as a beautiful womale tempting Adam, telling him he is still a youth, “Spend thy youth in mirth and also pleasure,” The different creates which Satan takes.

Chapter. 04 – Adam sees the Devil in his true colors.

Chapter. 05 – The devil paints a brilliant image for Seth to feast his thoughts upon.

Chapter. 06 – Seth’s conscientific research helps him, He retransforms to Adam and also Eve.


OUTLINE: con’t


Chapter. 07 – Seth marries Aklia, Adam resides to watch grand youngsters and also good – grand children.

Chapter. 08 – Adam’s amazing last words, He predicts the Flood, He exhorts his offspring to excellent, He reveals particular mysteries of life.

Chapter. 09 – The death of Adam.

Chapter. 10 – “Adam was the initially. . .”

Chapter. 11 – Seth becomes head of the many happy and simply people of people that ever lived.

Chapter. 12 – Seth’s family affairs. His death, The headship of Enos, How the outcast branch of Adam’s family fared.


Chapter. 13 – “Amongst the youngsters of Cain tright here was a lot robbery, murder and also Sin.”

Chapter. 14 – Time, like an ever rolling stream, bears ameans another generation of males.

Chapter. 15 – The offspring of Adam proceed to save the Cavern of Treasures as a household shrine.

Chapter. 16 -The great branch of the family is still afrhelp of the kids of Cain.

Chapter. 17 – Jared turns martinet. He is lured ameans to the land also of Cain wbelow he sees many voluptuous sights, Jared barely escapes with a clean heart.


Chapter. 18 – Confusion in the Cavern of Treasures, Miraculous speech of the dead Adam.

Chapter. 19 – The youngsters of Jared are led astray.

Chapter. 20 – Ravishing music; solid drink loosed among the sons of Cain, They don colourful clothing, The children of Seth look on through longing eyes, They revolt from wise counsel; they descend the hill right into the valley of iniquity. They can not ascfinish the hill again.


Chapter. 21 – Jared dies in sorrow for his sons who had actually gone astray, A prediction of the Flood.

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Chapter. 22 – Only three righteous guys left in the civilization, The evil problems of men prior to the Flood.

Original Source: The First Publication of Adam and also Eve Also called: The Conflict of Adam and also Eve through Satan. <2>
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