What has a rotary phone, fork knife, and a hillheight residence via Carbide and Omega posters have actually in common? It"s not a question we were expecting to area once we woke up this morning, yet tbelow you go. It"s bereason it is the prestige "search between" challenge in the new Fortnite Blockbuster challenges.

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Fortnite season 11 is a half-seakid amethod, so you must acquire this straightforward challenge squared ameans conveniently to make sure you"ve attained all the unlockable gear available. Well, it is easy since we"ve cut to the chase with this guide.

Normally you"d need to link each clue to its area on the map and uncover the centre suggest in between them. However before, we"ve skipped all that to provide you the answer, simply in instance this one put you in a spot of bvarious other.

Fortnite: search between a rotary phone, fork knife, and hillpeak residence location

Moving rapidly on previous the still-hilarious joke and also a telephone your Nan could usage, all the hints in the challenge name allude you in the direction of Fatal Fields. This verdant spot has been in the exact same spot in the people for a lengthy time, but it"s to the southern of the map, just in case you"ve forobtained.

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The place itself can be found northwest of Fatal - if you discover yourself walking right into a hill, you"ve gone too much. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for a little wood shack.

Behind the shack is a small-ish grey rock. If you"ve come out of the earlier of the structure, the solution is uncovered to the left of this rock.

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