Searching for the difficulty between three ski lodges in Fortnite seakid 7? Here"s the exact location

We haven"t seen as many kind of "search here" challenges in Fortnite season 7 as we have in previous seasons, yet one was bound to come inevitably. The "search in between 3 ski lodges" is just one of the obstacles in week 3 for Fortnite this seaboy, and it sends players dvery own to the brand new snowy area of the map.

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As you"ve no doubt realised, this part of the map appeared as a result of the massive iceberg that crashed into the island also at the start of Fortnite seachild 7. It brought 3 new called places of interest: Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, and also Happy Hamlet, in addition to a entirety lot of snow and ice that covered Greasy Grove and the neighboring locations.

Where to search between 3 ski lodges in Fortnite - week three challenges

When you search between three ski lodges, you"re going to desire to head to the southern part toward Happy Hamlet. Head due west of the cozy winter tvery own and also you"ll find the three ski lodges put a brief distance ameans from one one more, clearly visible in the snowy tundra.

To find the free battle star and also complete the difficulty, you simply need to go to the area the 3 ski lodges intersect. It"s just southern of the central lodge, as circled in the image over. You"ll find it among some trees. Interact through it and you"ll have actually completed the challenge.

For your best shot at completing this and not being eliminated by adjacent adversaries, we"d recommend landing at among the ski lodges because each one can generate multiple chests. Failing that, you have the right to additionally head toward Happy Hamlet at the start of the game and also you"ll have more than sufficient equipment to loot up through. If you require a quick getameans after you complete the challenge, there"s a aircraft that have the right to spawn on a little mountain to additionally to the west.

Give me a game and also I will certainly compose every "exactly how to" I perhaps can or die trying. When I"m not knee-deep in a game to compose guides on, you"ll find me hurtling round the track in F1, flinging balls on my phone in Pokemon Go, pretfinishing to recognize what I"m doing in Footsphere Manager, or clicking on heads in Valorant.

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