Cartman gets a visit from one more Jackovasaur, who tells him that he and Jun-Jun are the last of their sort, however the boys don"t treatment.

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The tvery own can not address the Jackovasaurs. It"s chose to relocate them to Memphis, however Cartman talks them out of it.

Jackov "wins" and also the household relocates to France. Cartmale is torn up over it, however the Jackovasaurs are well-obtained.

The boys are enjoying an evening of camping. As Cartmale enjoys a poop in the woods, a mysterious creature mirrors up.

The boys tell Uncle Jimbo about the creature. They discover it, and just as Jimbo"s around to kill it, Cartguy stops him.
The Dept. of Interior identifies the creature as a Jackovasaur, a really rare pet. The tvery own decides to name it Hope, even though it"s currently called Jun-Jun.
The mayor and also the Dept. of Interior guys organize a town meeting. They decide to breed the 2 Jackovasaurs. Nobody cares about Cartman"s speech.
Due to a absence of genitals, the Jackovasaurs can"t mate. Mephisto artificially inseminates Jun-Jun. She is now expecting
The dads invite the Jackovasaur over to watch football with them. He never shuts up, and also he roots for the wrong team.
Jun-Jun provides birth to a huge litter of Jackovasaur babies. They gain enrolled in school and also prove to be the most annoying species of anything, ever before.
The Jackovasaurs gain their very own sitcom dubbed "Jackovasaurs." The mayor invites Jackov on it to be a contestant on a made-up game present.
Jackov goes on the game display to play against Officer Barbrady. The prize is a one-way ticket to France for the winner and also his household.
The boys pit Tweek and Craig against each various other, and they agree to fight. Mr. Adler has some flashbacks of his former love.
Tweek and also Craig finally begin their institution yard fight. Mr. Adler offers up on life once he runs out of nicotine gum.
The fight interrupts Mr. Adler"s self-destruction attempt. Adler uses Kenny"s fatality to say goodbye to his dead lover and is lastly totally free.
Mr. Adler introduces the boys to shop course and tries to figure out that the best trouble maker is.
Craig and Tweek ask their parents what they have to do once tested to a fight, yet they are no aid.
Mr. Adler is inqualified of relocating past a deceased lover. He has actually horrible flashbacks that also nicotine gum can"t assist.
A fight breaks out at Tweek and also Craig"s fight announcement. The ladies learn invaluable lessons in Home Ec. around just how to find the perfect guy.

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