I originally wrote this item five years ago when Sarah Jessica Parker turned 50 and she was back on HBO in her brand-new present, DIVORCE, however I didn’t have actually the courage to publish it till currently. At that time she was (and also I’d argue remains) a lot of greatly associated with SEX AND THE CITY. I really wanted to write somepoint around SJP to honor her, that left out this side ‘horse-face’ conversation. The last point I wanted to execute was put it front and also facility — I intend, gross, what a method to wish a perkid happy b-day. That’s part of the factor it took me so long to go ahead and also push this publish button. But the truth is eincredibly time I stumble into a conversation around SJP or S&TC (which sure doesn’t occur as much as it used to yet it still comes up) and also I’m spouting my general adoration there is constantly at least one person in the team — usually a guy, yet sometimes womales as well, who have to bring up her looks in a negative way. EVERY TIME. It’s prefer they simply can’t let her be tbelow as an appealing person in entertainment — they feel the should put some kind of asterisk next to her name. And it makes me so mad eexceptionally time, like ugh.. really? Why would certainly you take it there? So I decided to attempt and articulate why this specific tragedy enrages me so.

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First of all, this woman is not unattractive. And in the time of the run of the display, well if she wasn’t famous and also simply a woman in a bar with friends, I am fairly sure that 99% of guys that desire to speak to her out for not being very attrenergetic would happily try to gain her number or take her home if they might. With her body, her hair, her eyes, her confidence they would most likely like her to 85–90% of the woguys in the bar. I suppose I think I would recognize because I watch the girls that these men flirt with, date and wife-up. And that isn’t a knock on those womales, this is just a statement that a lot of women, REGULAR women, are not supe-symmetrical beauty emperors straight off a Victoria’s Secret photo-shoot — you understand what I mean? She’s totes great enough for you IRL, but in your entertainment — “I simply don’t obtain it”? Like, shut up dude! YOU WISH!



“Do I strut, am I a strutter? — Carrie Bradshaw

SJP comes off via a wonderful sense of self, she knows she is glamorous and also has actually a lot to market. Yet, that bothers so many kind of civilization. See if she were more marginalized on her present and perhaps leaned to her comedy side even more and also played down her feminine wiles — in a feeling recognized and also also apologized for falling brief of some imaginary conventional — then human being would hardly ever before say those intend points. But she doesn’t acknowledge or apologize for anypoint. Which gets her this; “I simply don’t gain it,” “she’s not that warm,” “she’s not warm,” all the way to — “she has actually a horse-face!” (Like who asked you!? And that execute you think YOU are specifically, you ain’t no Zac Efron!) And I think even more womales deserve to relate to SJP than say Margo Robbie or Kate Upton. So as soon as human being seek her looks so openly and also so viciously, to me it’s more than just a knock on some actress I don’t know, it’s about the war on women’s self esteem. And that leads me to the title of this essay, if SJP is a steed face…? I shudder to think what I am.



“I just… I cannot imagine walking down a runmeans where all the human being sit there and judge me.” — Carrie Bradshaw

Real talk: Tbelow is this principle that we all have actually owned a mirror at one allude in our stays and stared down our fregulations as a cathartic act of emotional cutting. So the whole horse-confront thing, as it comes to SJP and also in miscellaneous pet likenesses ripples out to millions of other woguys who recognize with her, is specifically painful. Due to the fact that somejust how it’s a reflection of the worst fears we have actually about ourselves. Something our loved ones would never desire us to internalize. Like bro (the imperial bro), you are hurting our cumulative feelings, it’s crazy cruel. For what? Do you think you are earning a hot chick merit badge, by reporting ‘impostors’? You’re not!


“I don’t want people to think that I can’t watch the distinction in between a model and me.” — Carrie Bradshaw

See SJP is just a perkid, she’s choose Bruce Wayne that way. She wasn’t born 5’10 via super beauty powers and also she has never asserted otherwise. Batguy is such an effective number for so many bereason unlike Supermale or Thor he is just a man, a difficult working, clever, constant super affluent male. And that is component of the reason I think SJP and also Carrie Bradshaw are loved so a lot by so many type of. If she can carry out it… probably I can do it. But… do what exactly?

She renders accessible — what we have been made to feel is inobtainable for us. Carrie Bradshaw’s appearance contrasted with the display screen beauty monarchs of the past threw into sharp relief our concepts around what it takes to be “protagonist hot.” And as soon as you, as a woguy in the audience are also the lead in the movie of your own life, that’s a leschild that really resonates. We experienced that it actually has actually a lot more to execute through how you ‘carrie’ yourself than the size of your nose. You have the right to be a feminine, dainty, fashionable, sex-related woman — as an adult (not only between the periods of 17–28) — if that’s what you want. The display had a means of looking at women’s physical appearance and also seeing glasses half full instead of fifty percent empty. I think it’s super empowering and also really takes the edge off all this press, you recognize the sort that leads otherwise happy young girls to plastic surgeons in droves (not that there’s anything wrong via that). But Carrie Bradshaw’s performance of self wasn’t just perspective and as-is looks. Certainly not, she took a lot of pride in her appearance. I think that’s also something that civilization had actually a problem through, like why is she also trying or something? But her striving to be her ideal is, to me, her the majority of inspiring high quality.

“Shopping is my cardio.” — Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw doesn’t do many exercise on the show, however it is rather clear that SJP knows her means around a Pilates studio. Life after you rotate 30 is MOST OF YOUR LIFE. And I for one execute not desire to spfinish it looking backwards at old pictures of myself, feeling sad about exactly how time has actually ruined me. SJP is a lesson that you have a lot even more control than you can think on exactly how well you age. It takes work-related blah blah blah, but it’s so do-able (states a woguy through no kids) if you make it a priority for yourself. She additionally taught me that among the finest points I have the right to perform for myself as a woman over 30 was to acquire in the gym and also develop my shoulders and chest. It’s choose a facelift for your torso! Everything lifts up and before you understand it you are bare equipped in a backmuch less gvery own killing it at your 3fifth b-day party. Why not?!

“A guy gains power as he gets older, a woman loses it.” — Gloria Steinem

This brings me to the topic of age. A frifinish stated to me that many the controversy about SJP’s looks in the time of the running of S&TC stemmed from the combination of her age and also her looks truly. In her 20’s it’s much less of a sticking suggest. But this present, that mostly revolved about the sex resides of woguys over 35, was received as type of subversive to bros all over. In the episode 20 SOMETHING GIRLS VS 30 SOMETHING WOMEN, Carrie flips with a photo album representing her life in her 20’s. In a culture, wbelow also old people’s just advice to you is to “never gain old” it’s super refreshing to hear Carrie’s measured take on obtaining older. She sees in her more youthful years taught, soft, smooth skin sure; but likewise fashion faux paux, disastrous apartments, incompetent partners, and also the tension of being damaged. Carrie is progressive; she looks forward with elation, not backwards via melancholy. This is part and also parcel of what SJP does for her audience; she punches father time in the stomach. SJP rebels against a patriarchy that seeks to steal the power from a womale as she periods. I think this plays a huge component in the factor that bro’s all over feel choose it’s their duty to talk shit — gotta host up that patriarchy.

In closing your honor; I argue it is the pitch perfect spreading of Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw that gave normal girls the courage to see themselves as ‘protagonist hot’ in the movie of their own lives, and also how dare a bunch of dirty bros (and also intend girls) attempt to take that away.

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AC Kabukuru is a freelance writer living in LA. She writes around self-improvement, adulting, and also film/TV. She has an MFA from Boston College.