Quick messagesYou can include and also modify quick messeras to be used for text messages and speak to refuse messeras.Note: Screens and settings easily accessible may vary by wiremuch less business provider and also software program variation. Usage of the Gear Fit2 requires lutz-heilmann.info Gear app.

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Go into a brand-new quick response or quick message

1. Open the lutz-heilmann.info Gear app on your mobile gadget. Make certain your Gear Fit2 is connected to your mobile tool.
2. Touch Settings.
3. Touch Quick Messages.
4. Touch Fast responses.
5. Here are the precollection messeras. To include a message, touch the plus authorize (+).
6. Type your message and also then touch SAVE.
7. Your brand-new quick message is included. Touch the back arrow.
8. Touch Call-refuse messages.
9. Here are the Call-reject messeras. Modify this list the same way as you modify the quick messages list:

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