"We have to remember that we can’t just be physically tbelow with our children – we have to be existing mentally and also emotionally too!" claims Dr Josh McDowell (centre), goofing about via Phoebe, 6, and also Nathan, 8, and their paleas, Elvin and also Esther Foong from The Treacertain Box SG. All photos courtesy of Elvin and Esther Foong.

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The packed hall broke right into loud applausage as the silver-haired gentleguy made his means up the stairs and also onto the stage.

Settling down in his chair, Dr Josh McDowell surveyed the crowd. Noticing some older folks in the pews, he began: “Grandpaleas need to learn exactly how to shut up. We’re not supposed to parent our grandchildren.

“Rules without relationship lead to rebellion. Truth without partnership leads to rejection. And discipline without relationship leads to bitterness.”

“All we have the right to carry out is hope that we’ve parented our kids well sufficient, that they’ll perform an excellent task of parenting their very own children.”

And right off the bat, we knew that this was going to be no simple parenting workshop.

“The finest thing you have the right to perform for your child is to construct a loving, intimate connection via them.” Heads nod all throughout the room.

“Rules without partnership bring about rebellion. Truth without connection leads to rejection. And discipline without connection leads to bitterness, resentment and anger. Without the conmessage of that loving connection, rules and technique will always backfire on us.”

He easily clarifies that there is no such thing as a perfect-parent guarantee – we deserve to carry out whatever ideal, but our kids deserve to still stray.

“But,” he adds, “the chances of that happening are much reduced when our kids recognize that we love them.”

Building unbreakable parent-child relationships 

For the rest of the session, he breaks down the salso vital principles of Biblical parenting (he self-deprecatingly jokes that he’s no Chuck Swindoll – the truth that they were all words starting through the letter ‘A’ was a surprise to him too).

1. Affirmation

To affirm a kid is to provide him or her a feeling of authenticity.

When we learn to affirm our children, we authenticate their eactivities and also their perspective of the world.

Quoting Romans 12:15, he common an illustration of what it truly meant to “rejoice via those who rejoice, and also weep via those that weep”: A dad sees his child fall down, and instead of telling him to guy up and sheight crying, goes over and claims, “I’m so sorry you fell. That looked choose it have to have really hurt.”

The boy, who had actually previously been wailing in pain, looks at his dad via bright eyes and also says: “Thanks, daddy! I feel a lot better already!”

When we learn to affirm our kids, we authenticate their emotions and their perspective of the people.

This encourages them to proceed expushing their true feelings, rather of hiding them.


“When we learn to accept our youngsters simply as they are, our youngsters construct a feeling of security,” reminds Dr Josh McDowell.

2. Acceptance

Recognising that our kids are produced in the image of God, through unlimited worth, dignity and also worth, compels us to accept them just as Christ accepts us (Romans 15:7).

When we learn to accept our kids simply as they are, our youngsters develop a sense of protection – this builds a deep trust in the parent-kid relationship, and the youngsters understand that they deserve to never before perform anything that could reason their parents to reject them.

3. Appreciation

Everyone likes to be appreciated. When we receive appreciation, it offers us the feeling or thought that we’ve done or said something worthwhile.

It provides us a feeling of meaning.

When we intentionally look for the good in our kids and also say thanks to them … they are even more likely to repeat that excellent behaviour.

When Jesus was baptised, God Himself opened up up the heavens and also declared His pleasure through His Son.

When we consider that this was before Jesus started His public ministry, this act of reflecting appreciation is also even more impressive.

“Don’t simply catch your children doing wrong things and also discipline them,” Josh chastises us earnestly. “Instead, keep a lookout for the good points that they carry out and also express your appreciation to them!”

He cites the example of a father that stood quietly in a edge for seven minutes watching his kids interact with each other, via the intention of only noticing the excellent points that they did.

Within that salso minutes, that dad discovered even more than 20 points he could appreciate his kids for.

When we begin to intentionally look out for the great in our children and also thank them for it, we develop a virtuous cycle where they are more most likely to repeat that good behaviour!

4. Availability

Kids spell “love” as T-I-M-E.

If we tell our kids we love them however never before spend time via them, they’ll progressively understand that our declarations of love are empty and that they are actually unnecessary to us.

Kids spell “love” as T-I-M-E.

If even Jesus made Himself available to youngsters despite His disciples’ best attempts to save them away (Matthew 19:13-14) and despite his busy schedule, shouldn’t we perform the same for our children?

In this era of smartphones and perpetual distractions, it takes a lot more from us to truly be present with our kids.

We should remember that we can’t just be physically tright here – we should be current mentally and emotionally too!

5. Affection

“I’ve discovered that guys generally don’t take notes,” Josh remarks wryly at this suggest in the seminar. “They think that they have a photographic memory, however what they don’t realise is that they don’t have any type of film!”

The joke functions bereason a lot of of us are above 30 and remember what analog camages are.

He has actually a severe suggest to make, though. He’s asking dads to create this particular principle dvery own bereason, in basic, dads have actually a harder time showing affection to their children.

When we expush affection to our youngsters through loving words and correct touch, our youngsters learn to believe that they are lovable and worth loving. This builds their self-esteem and sense of value.

6. Approach

McDowell tells the story of exactly how one of his sons really got right into cars at one particular phase of his life.

“I composed to all the significant car showrooms on Beverly Hills – Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini,” he recalls. “I told them honestly – I’m simply a desperate dad trying to make his kid happy – and also I asked if they would certainly be willing to take him out for a test drive. And then I provided them just one area to tick: YES.

“All of them came ago and sassist ‘yes’. In one afternoon, my son sat in almost $4 million worth of cars for totally free, and had the moment of his life.”

McDowell’s son, Sean, that is now grvery own and a marital relationship trainer and also speaker, still talks fondly around that episode. 

His point: When we take time to discover out what our youngsters prefer and reap – as soon as we technique their civilization rather of insisting that they just be enabled to exist in ours – we develop a sense of connection. And this link lasts; it will certainly tide us via also the the majority of hard instances we might experience through our kids.

7. Accountability

Finally, as soon as we administer reasonable rules and also limits, and hold our youngsters accountable for them in the conmessage of a loving partnership, it builds a sense of duty in our kids.

Children thrive best as soon as we offer them healthy limits to display our love and concern for their wellness.

They no much longer view obedience as a chore, but as an answer to the love they have actually obtained.

McDowell’s daughter went to a college dance, and also her friend asked if tbelow was a details time she had to acquire residence.

“I’ve obtained to be home by 10:30,” Josh’s daughter responded. Incredibly, her friend responded: “I wish your dad was my dad. My parents don’t also care what time I obtain house.”

Children grow best when they are offered healthy and balanced borders, and also when they understand that those limits are not tright here to keep them from enjoying life, however to display our love and also concern for their wellness.

Walking the talk

At the cshed of the session, our household made our method to the front. We wanted to thank Josh for sharing his significant insight, and also present him via a copy of our book, Why Is Good Friday Good.

After waiting patiently in line, our kids, Nathan and Phoebe, stepped forward shyly and also provided him the book.

In that minute, I realised that this was a guy that practised what he had just taught.

With my wife and me, he was cordial, polite. But with our children – it was prefer he came alive.

He couldn’t speak grinning, talking to them and also offering them high-fives. He affirmed them, welcomed them, appreciated them, made himself 100% easily accessible to them for those few minutes, spoke affectionately to them (he dubbed Phoebe “the cutest little point I’ve viewed the whole trip”, which made me slightly jealous), and somejust how uncovered a way to technique their human being.

And ultimately, he reminded them to store on loving God and also obeying their parental fees – accountcapability.

Near the end of the seminar, he had actually said matter-of-factly: “If tright here ever was a dad that operated the hardest at being a good dad, it would certainly be me. It doesn’t intend that I’m great or perfect, it simply implies that I know exactly how necessary it is for children to have actually a father.”

Watching him connect through my youngsters, I have actually no doubt that he supposed what he sassist.

My hope and prayer is that one day I, too, deserve to tell other parental fees that I’ve spared no price and no initiative in making myself the best dad I could ever before be to my kids.

Dr Josh McDowell was speaking on “7 practical principles crucial for arising a loving partnership with your child” at the invitation of Cru Singapore. Find more occasions, testimonies, ministry training sources by Cru Singapore here.

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Elvin Foong

Elvin Foong has been happily married to Esther for 10 years; they have actually two youngsters and are presently serving as full time itinerant household and kids" ministers. They believe that parents" first minisattempt is in the home, and also their initially disciples are their very own youngsters. Their vision is for a generation of spiritually healthy and balanced households to rise up and display screen Jesus" love to a lost and broken world. Elvin and Esther are the founders of The Treacertain Box SG, a assets and also solutions firm that equips and supports Christian families.