While upbeat rhythms and high-octane dance sequences define Grease, Rizzo’s lament, “There Are Worse Things I Could Do,” continues to be one of the musical’s many celebrated tunes. From the emotional maturity innate to the song to the depth of character granted to the movie’s “so-called” bad girl, Stockard Channing embodies an isolated woguy that is internally alone despite leading “the fill.” She is a woman who has actually fortified a difficult exterior, yet owns her actions — owns her femininity and also her power despite what others may think. 

American actress Stockard Channing as Rizzo in a scene from the Paramount musical ‘Grease’, 1978 | Paramount Pictures/Getty Images

While Grease would certainly not be the exact same without Rizzo’s song, it virtually didn’t make the last cut, as it was a little bit of a “downer” to those behind the manufacturing. She, through help from a couple of others, battled for the song. And, years of fan appreciation have given that confirmed they had somepoint worth fighting for. 

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Stockard Channing on playing Rizzo in ‘Grease’

Before Grease rolled about, Stockard Channing was scraping “the bottom of the barrel,” as she told Broadway World. She had a mortgage and also was doing not have the stable stream of revenue required to obtain by. Allan Carr (the producer) cast Channing, having witnessed her performance as a vehicle thief in Sweet Revenge. Channing notes that she was “much older” than Rizzo and also had actually to discover the “actual person” to breathe life right into the component. She shared:

“When Allan cast me out of the blue it was bereason they had viewed a movie that I had actually done called ‘Sweet Revenge.’ I played the auto thief…They witnessed this and also realized I might perform various other things…the only method I might execute this wregarding look at her prefer she was a real person. I was so much older than she remained in life, however I could not think around that so I sort of threw myself ago to what I felt once I was her age over, even younger. The complexity of adolescents and also hormones and also sexuality and all of that other stuff. Seeing that I really was older I think that included to the isolation of Rizzo.”

Channing | Broadway World 

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And, though an excellent deal of Rizzo’s complexity involves the surchallenge during “Tbelow Are Worse Things I Could Do,” the number practically didn’t make it right into the musical. 

Stockard Channing on fighting for ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’ 

Stockard Channing defined to Broadmethod World that she and Pat Birch (that directed all the musical sequences) battled for her hit number. She shared:

“I was extremely much in love with that song, “Tbelow Are Worse Things I Could Do”, and also I battled for it and Pat Birch, that directed all the musical sequences, aided me. If you see the sequence it’s incredibly simply shot and Allan really indulged me and said, ‘go ahead simply do it.’”

Channing | Broadmethod World

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Though Carr “indulged” Channing, he was not committed to the number, even after the performance was swarm. Channing said: 

“Allan really wanted to cut it bereason he assumed it was a downer, possibly everyone else believed it was a downer also. It was bereason so much about what that character was. It got in there by the skin of its teeth. Pat Birch dealt with for it and the director also.

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It’s in there and I’m so grateful that it is.”

Channing | Broadmethod World

Today, “Tbelow Are Worse Things I Could Do” lives on as an integral component of the musical— a necessary stop on the way to an uplifting conclusion that grants Rizzo (and Grease overall) a necessary moment of sobriety.