Fans obtain a closer look at the Hunter armor they will certainly have the ability to earn from Trials of Osiris later this year in Destiny"s major autumn development, Rise of Iron.

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Fans gain a closer look at the Hunter armor they will have the ability to earn from Trials of Osiris later on this year in Destiny"s significant autumn development, Rise of Iron.

Destiny fans are eagerly awaiting any type of news about the game"s next expansion, Rise of Iron, slated to launch this September. Destiny"s developer Bungie says fans will get even more indevelopment over the summer on the way to launch, yet tbelow has not been any kind of news yet about once those reveals will occur.

However before, Bungie did show off some of the armor that will be coming in Rise of Iron, specifically the Hunter armor earned from playing the Trials of Osiris. The developer tweeted out the listed below photo reflecting off the new gear.

The brand-new armor is cat-themed, maintaining in line with the Egyptian theme of the Trials of Osiris equipment. The helmet attributes narrowhead cat-like eyes, there is a cat shoulder pad on the gauntlets, and also the cape is emblazoned via an outline of a feline and cat-like ears popping off the top of the hood.

This armor likewise introduces a deep blue to the Trials of Osiris shade palette, as the previous Year 2 armor has actually been pretty strictly black and also yellow. The previous Hunter armor for Trials of Osiris was themed predominantly about the Eye of Ra.

Bungie recently likewise unveiled the rhelp armor, showing that off on the Titan course. Bungie has actually yet to show off what the new Trials of Osiris armor sets will certainly look favor for the Titan or Warlock.

Also unclear is whether this set is just easily accessible by going Flawmuch less in Trials. Currently tright here is a collection of armor that is only accessible by going Flawmuch less or by post-enhance on a player"s fifth win. Tright here is a second armor collection that have the right to drop at random after any type of match of Trials of Osiris.

This is simply one armor set that will certainly be new is Rise of Iron, as the development is set to add a bevy of new armor and also loot throughout the whole game as has actually been the instance through previous expansions.

Fans will have to wait to check out more—and also also much longer to actually earn the armor. Until then, Destiny"s second year of Moments of Triumph is live, sfinishing players on a search to accomplish a variety of activities and challenges choose beating Oryx on Hard and also collecting all the Calcified Fragments in the game.

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The opportunity for players to earn the exclusive Moments of Triumph rewards ends as soon as Destiny: Rise of Iron launches September 20th on PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One.