Red Dead Redemption is the spiritual follower to 2004"s Red Dead Revolver, featuring a vivid, open human being collection in the decline of the Amerideserve to Wild West. Players take on the duty of former outregulation John Marston, who is compelled to hunt dvery own his previous gang to reacquire his household.

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Hey men, I"ve discovered myself completely stuck in the Undead Nightmare DLC. In the last cut-scene I observed, Seth stated somepoint about going to Mexico, yet the game will not let me go tbelow (all the bridges are down) and also I literally have no mission markers on my map. Anyone know what I need to do? Did I break the game or something?  Thanks.



I"ve watched others complain around this, yet I really do not obtain it. Tbelow was constantly a mission for me. However before, I likewise saved all of the communities and all that stuff as soon as feasible. Maybe you need to finish all the towns and graveyards and stuff first? Also tright here are some objectives that need you to wait a while before you can development, yet they are pretty clear about that and you have the right to watch it in your journal under Strangers.

Bennyishere said: " I"ve checked out others comordinary around this, however I really do not acquire it. Tright here was always a mission for me. However, I additionally saved all of the communities and also all that stuff as quickly as feasible. Maybe you have to complete all the communities and graveyards and also stuff first? Also there are some objectives that need you to wait a while before you deserve to development, however they are pretty clear about that and also you can view it in your journal under Strangers. "I"ve done all the towns and also graveyards and also all that.  
 Shit, I never also believed of that. I"ve never before actually supplied the log before, simply kind of went via the markers.

You can need to wait a while. There will certainly be another mission through West Dickens yet it takes some time to show up, I think saving all the towns in America might cause it? Or actually you might need to execute the first shed heart mission at Ft Mercer.

Turns out, I need to uncover all the plants for West Dickens, but I hadn"t looked in my log so I didn"t understand. Thanks, guys.

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