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1PEREGRINEAria was right here.Perry complied with her scent, relocating promptly via the night. He retained his stride also as he scanned the darkened woods, though his heart hammered in his chest. Roar had told him she was earlier on the external, had actually also delivered a violet with a message as proof, however Perry wouldn’t think it until he experienced her.He got to a increase of boulders and dropped his bow, quiver, and also satchel. Then he jumped up, leaping from rock to rock until he stood at the height. The sky was coated via a thick layer of clouds that glowed softly via Aether light. He scanned the rolling hills, his gaze stopping at a barren stretch of land also. Scorched, silver in shade, it was a scar left by the winter’s storms. Much of his region, two days to the west, looked the very same.Perry tensed as he spotted the tail of a campfire in the distance. He inhaled and captured the smoky scent on a cool gust. That had actually to be her. She was close.“Anything?” Reef dubbed up. He stood some twenty feet below. Sweat glistened on his deep brvery own skin, running alengthy the scar that got to from the base of his nose to over his ear, separating his cheek, and he was breapoint heavily. Just a couple of months back they’d been strangers. Now Reef was the head of his guard, rarely leaving his side.Perry climbed dvery own, landing with a soggy crunch on a patch of melting scurrently. “She’s due eastern. A mile. Maybe less.”Reef attracted a sleeve throughout his face, pushing his braids ameans and wiping off sweat. Normally he kept up without any type of initiative, yet two days at a driving pace had lugged out the decade in between them. “You shelp she can help us find the Still Blue.”“She will certainly aid,” Perry sassist. “I told you. She demands to uncover it, simply as we execute.”Reef strode up, coming to within a foot of Perry, and narrowed his eyes. “You did tell me that.” He tipped his head and also inhaled, the gesture bold and pet. He didn’t downplay his Sense like Perry did. “But that’s not why we’ve come after her,” he shelp.Perry couldn’t check out his own tempers, but he could imagine the scents Reef had actually taken in. Eagerness, green and also sharp and alive. Desire, thick and also musky. Impossible to miss. Reef was a Scire as well. He knew specifically what Perry felt appropriate now, moments ameans from seeing Aria. Scents never lied.“It’s one reason,” Perry shelp tightly. He picked up his points, shouldering them through an impatient tug. “Camp here with the others. I’ll be earlier by sunup.” He turned to go.“Sunup, Perry? You think the Tides desire to shed one more Blood Lord?”Perry froze and also then faced him again. “I’ve been out here a hundred times on my own.”Reef nodded. “Sure. As a hunter.” He took a water skin from his leather satchel, his activities casual and also slow though he was still out of breath. “You’re more than that currently.”Perry stared right into the woods. Twig and also Gren were out tbelow, listening and watching for peril. They’d been protecting him given that he left his region. Reef was right. Here in the borderlands, survival was the just ascendancy. Without his guard, his life would certainly be at danger. Perry let out a slow breath, his hope of spfinishing a night alone via Aria vanishing.Reef stoppered the cork on his water skin through a firm thump. “Well? What does my lord command?”Perry shook his head at the formal address—Reef’s method of reminding him of his responsibility. Like he could forobtain. “Your lord will certainly take one hour alone,” he said, and jogged ameans.“Peregrine, hold on. You require to—”“One hour,” Perry dubbed over his shoulder. Whatever before Reef wanted, it could wait.When he was certain he’d left Reef behind, Perry firmed his grip on his bow and also broke right into a run. Scents flamelted previous as he threaded via the trees. The wealthy, promising smell of wet earth. The smoke from Aria’s campfire. And her scent. Violets, sweet and rare.Perry relished the burn in his legs and the crisp air flowing through his lungs. Winter was a time for holding in area as the Aether storms wreaked havoc, and he hadn’t remained in the open like this for also long—not since he’d taken Aria to the Dweller Pod trying to find her mom. He’d been telling himself she was earlier wright here she belonged, with her civilization, and also he had his own tribe to take care of. Then, simply days earlier, Roar had showed up at the compound through Cinder and also told him she was here on the outside. From that moment he could only think of being via her again.Perry tore dvery own a slope soft through new grass and recent rain, panning the woods. It was darker beneath the trees, the Aether light filtering softly via the canopy, however eextremely branch and leaf stood in sharp contrast, many thanks to his Night-Sighted eyes. With each step, the scent of Aria’s campfire thrived stronger. In a flash he remembered her game of sneaking up, silent as a shadow, and planting a kiss on his cheek. He couldn’t store the smile from coming to his lips.Up ahead he spotted movement—a blur via the trees. Aria ran into see. Sleek. Silent. Intent as she searched the location. When she saw him, her eyes widened in surprise, yet her stride didn’t slow and also neither did his. He melted his things, dropping them wright here they fell, and also sprinted. Next point he kbrand-new, she slammed into his chest, solid and also fraprovide in his arms.Perry held her versus him. “I missed you,” he whispered in her ear. He couldn’t hold her cshed sufficient. “I must never have let you go. I missed you so much.”Words tumbled out of him. He said a dozen things he hadn’t supposed to say, until she attracted ago and also smiled up at him. Then he couldn’t stop at all. He soaked up the arch of her slender eyebrows, black choose her hair, and the cleverness in her gray eyes. Fair and also carefully made, she was beautiful. Even more than he remembered.“You’re below,” she sassist. “I wasn’t sure if you’d come.”“I left as soon as—”Before he could finish, her arms closed roughly his neck and they were kissing—a clumsy, hasty kiss. They were both breathing as well difficult. Smiling too much. Perry wanted to sluggish down and also savor whatever, yet he couldn’t find a scrap of patience. He wasn’t certain if he began laughing first or if she did.“I deserve to perform a lot much better than that,” he said, just as she shelp, “You’re taller. I swear you’ve grown.”“Taller?” he shelp. “I hope not.”“You are,” she shelp. She stupassed away his challenge like she wanted to understand whatever about him. She nearly already did. During their time together, he’d told her points he’d never shelp to anyone. Aria’s smile faded as her gaze stopped at the chain approximately his neck. “I heard what occurred.” She reached up, and also the weight at his collarbone lifted. “You’re a Blood Lord now.” She spoke softly, more to herself than to him. “This is … It’s stunning.”He peered dvery own, watching her fingers run over the silver web links. “It’s heavy,” he sassist. This was the finest minute he’d had considering that he’d taken the chain months earlier.Aria met his eyes, her temper cooling. “I’m sorry around Vale.”Perry looked across the shadowed woods and swallowed with the sudden tightness in his throat. The memory of his brother’s fatality maintained him awake nights. Sometimes, when he was alone, it preserved him from breathing. Gently he took Aria’s hand from the chain and also slipped his fingers via hers.“Later,” he said. They had actually months of recording up to perform. He wanted to talk to her around her mother. Had wanted to comfort her because he’d heard the news from Roar. But not currently, once he’d simply gotten her earlier. “Later … all right?”She nodded, her eyes heat through understanding. “Later.” She turned his hand to watch the scars Cinder had actually provided him. Pale and thick as trails of wax, they made a web from his knuckles to his wrist. “Does this still bvarious other you?” she asked, tracing the scars via her fingers.“No. It reminds me of you … of when you bandaged it.” He lowered his head, bringing his cheek alongside hers. “That was the initially time you touched me without hating it.” This close, her scent was all over, running with him, someexactly how stirring and mellowing him at the exact same time.“Did Roar tell you where I’m going?” she asked.“He did.” Perry straightened and looked up. He couldn’t watch the currental fees of Aether, but he kbrand-new they were tright here, flowing above the clouds. Each winter, the Aether storms were prospering stronger, bringing fire and destroy. Perry kbrand-new they would only gain worse. His tribe’s survival depended on finding a land also rumored to be complimentary of the Aether—the very same thing Aria was looking for. “He told me you’re looking for the Still Blue.”“You witnessed Bliss.”He nodded. They had actually gone to the Pod together trying to find her mother and also found it destroyed by Aether. Domes the dimension of hills had actually broke down. Walls ten feet thick had actually been crushed choose eggshells.“It’s just a issue of time prior to that happens to Reverie,” she continued. “The Still Blue is our just possibility. Everypoint I’ve heard points to the Horns. To Sable.”Perry’s pulse quickened at the cite of the name. His sister, Liv, should have actually married the Horns’ Blood Lord last spring, yet she’d spooked and also run amethod. Liv still hadn’t showed up. He’d have to resolve Sable quickly enough.“The Horns’ city is still locked in by ice,” he sassist. “Rim won’t be reachable till the pass to the north thaws. Could be a few weeks before then.”“I recognize,” she said. “I assumed it would certainly have actually cleared by now. I’ll go north as shortly as it does.”She stepped amethod from him abruptly and scanned the woods, her head angling quick and sharp. He’d been tbelow when she’d learned she was an Aud. Every sound had been a discovery. Now he watched as her attention shifted naturally to the noises of the night.“Someone’s coming,” she said.“Reef,” Perry sassist. “He’s among my males.” No method had it already been an hour. Not also cshed. “There are more surrounding.”Perry caught the steep dive in her temper, a bracing, cool drift. In the next minute his heartbeat ftransformed. He hadn’t felt tethered to another’s emotions in months. Since he’d last been with her.“When are you going back?” she asked.“Soon. Morning.”“I understand also.” She looked from him to the chain, her expression thriving distant. “The Tides require you.”Perry shook his head. She didn’t understand. “I didn’t come out below to watch you for a night, Aria. Come ago to the Tides through me. It’s not safe out below, and—”“I don’t require assist, Perry.”“That’s not what I intended.” He was too skitty to order his thoughts. Before he can say anypoint even more, she took another step ameans, her hands hovering over the knives at her belt. Seconds later, Reef arised from the woods, square shoulders hunched as he walked towards them. Perry cursed under his breath. He needed even more time with her. Alone.Reef’s steps caught once he observed Aria alert and also equipped. Probably not what he’d supposed from a Dweller.

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Perry noticed her wary expression too. With the scar across his face and also his difficult stare, Reef looked like someone to protect against.