The a lot of necessary part of the night, for me, was that in the expectations of one evening he had single-handedly crumelted one of my greatest fears about leaving the mansion. Perhaps I wasn’t damaged items after all. In reality, in Criss’s eyes, I was rather desirable. After a couple of glasses of wine, Criss offered me a tour of the Luxor Theater and also then accompanied me ago to the Palms and also walked me ago to my suite. He invited himself right into my room, providing to “tuck me in.”“Okay,” I giggled, learning the cheesy line would certainly obtain him through the door, yet it wouldn’t acquire him any further. After all, I wasn’t that drunk.I stumbled in the direction of the huge pink bed, jumped in completely clothed, and also pulled the comforter approximately my chin. As he stood over the bed and leaned in to kiss me, I erupted right into a fit of laughter and also turned my head ameans from him.“I can’t,” I playfully reminded him. “Remember?”He sighed, standing back up. He got to down and removed my earrings from each ear and also collection them by the bedside table.He whispered sweet dreams softly right into my ear. After walking across the room, he scrawled somepoint on the back page of a room service menu (a note reading: “I miss you”), tearing out the sheet and also sticking it alongside my curling iron on the bathroom respond to.“Sweet dreams,” I mumbled, immediately drifting off right into a relaxed sleep as he exited the suite.When I woke the following morning to my buzzing cell phone, the last thing I meant to hear was a ferociously angry Hef.“Thank you,” Hef screamed so loud that my cell phone shook, “for providing me the WORST night of my life.”“What are you talking about?” I asked Hef defensively. Honestly, I had actually sustained so many kind of verbal lashings lately that I had actually no principle what might have actually possibly been the catalyst for this outburst. After gaining permission to remain over the night before, I had called him aacquire soon prior to his 10 P.M. bedtime to wish him great night. We traded “I love yous” and that was it. Sure, I hadn’t available up my dinner and clubbing plans for later that evening, bereason I knew he would certainly never allow it.“I didn’t hear anypoint from you last night,” he ongoing, screaming into the receiver. “I was up all night sick through worry!”“But I called you best prior to you visited bed . . .” I tried rationalizing via him. “I don’t understand also what you’re talking around. I had my cell phone with me all night . . .” I kept rattling on, prior to realizing he had actually to recognize somepoint. “Why were you up?” I asked.“Security told me,” he spat. “You had a man in your room last night!”I paoffered for a minute, waiting for this information to sink in. Holy shit, I assumed. He actually had actually me adhered to.“Nothing taken place,” I shelp firmly and also sternly. “I had actually a couple of drinks and a friend walked me in to make certain I acquired right into bed okay. That’s it.”And it was. Sure, tright here was some definite flirting and also perhaps some blurred lines on his part, but I hadn’t done a damn point. I had never before cheated on Hef. He had slept with an army of various woguys during our time together, but I continued to be faithful. Regardless of all my insecurities and also regardless of how desperate I wregarding have actually one night out, in my mind I was still in a connection. And I was nothing if not loyal. Whoever was trailing me approximately Vegas apparently didn’t relay to Hef simply just how quickly Criss exited my suite.“Oh yeah?” Hef asked, mockingly, “Well, we’ll talk around it once you gain residence. Thank you,” he recurring in dramatic Hef fashion, “for offering me the worst night of my life.”I pulled the phone away from my ear and waited for the line to disconnect. I was equal components stunned and seething.How dare he have me followed, I believed. For seven ridiculous years, I remained totally faithful to this man. Even if my evening did incorporate some temptations, I had performed myself prefer an excellent girlfrifinish. I wouldn’t also kiss Criss when we were alone in a hotel room in a moment I believed would forever before reprimary personal.I knew Hef well enough to recognize that in his head, I was currently categorized as a “cheater.” I could as well slap a huge scarlet A on my chest, bereason he would certainly never before let me live this down . . . even though there was nothing to actually live down. I was sure that for the remainder of our relationship he would certainly contact upon this incident eextremely time he didn’t acquire his way and use it as leverage. I might kiss good-bye any kind of possibility of spfinishing an additional night away from the mansion aacquire.One of Hef’s favorite stories to speak to upon during press interviews is how, in his pre-Playboy days, his initially wife, Mildred Williams, cheated on him during their engagement. When his then-fiancée confessed to being unfaithful, he was devastated, yet decided to marry her anyway. Of course the marriage finished, but I always felt he used this occurrence as a method to justify his philandering actions and also to get sympathy from the public. It was as if he was saying, “Sure, I’m a womanizer, yet my ex-wife made me that means. She did this to me.” In fact, he appeared to have actually a penchant for cheaters. After all, he did crave drama.

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His second wife was rumored to have actually been unfaithful (via a member of the mansion staff), and also his third wife ran out of their initially planned wedding to be via simply one of the several males she had actually allegedly cheated on Hef through.