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1Act 4 Scene 1JULIET: O, bid me leap, rather than marry ParisThemes: youth, fatality, woguys, marriage, JulietHere Juliet is speaking to the Friar. She provides an imperative to present the toughness of her passion. She proposes death as a preferable different to marrying Paris and this reflects the too much reactionary behaviour of the young, as watched throughout the play. That Juliet sees this as her only option mirrors us the fragile place into which which women can be placed in Elizabethan England also.2Act 4 Scene 3JULIET: a faint cold fear thrills through my veinsThemes: youth, fatality, JulietAs Juliet is about to drink the potion that will certainly make her appear dead for forty-two hours she claims that are afraid "thrills" via her veins. The option of verb indicates that the danger of death excites Juliet and web links to the risk-taking behaviour ot the young in the play.3Act 4 Scene 4LADY CAPULET: O me, O me! My kid, my only lifeThemes: fatality, women, Lady CapuletLady Capulet"s reaction to finding Juliet (that shows up to be dead) at initially shows up to show her actual distress. However before closer inspection mirrors the usage of first person pronouns, implyig that Lady Capulet is really thinking about herself. This might likewise display somepoint around the function of woguys in Elizabethan society. Lady Capulet"s life is defined by her youngsters.4CAPULET: Death is my son-in-regulation, Death is my heir;Themes: fatality, power, women, CapuletCapulet"s reactivity to Juliet"s body is to lament his loss of a"Son-in-Law" and also an "heir". He prioritises these over the loss of a daughter! His choice of metaphor says that he is a character more interested in his legacy than in the welfare of his daughter.

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5NURSE: O day! O day! O day! O hateful day!Themes: fatality, friendship, NurseThe Nurse"s virtually nonsensical reactivity to the discovering the body of Juliet, demonstprices real emotional anguish. She provides considerable repetition and also exclamatory, minor sentences that show her incapability to resolve her pain.

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So we watch that of all the Capulet"s, it is just the Nurse who values Juliet for the person she was.6

CAPULET: with my son my joys are buried.

Themes: death, power, CapuletThis is a line that echoes Act 1 Scene 2 wright here Capulet shelp "The earth hath swallow"d all my really hopes but she". So we see that in returning to this metaphor, Capulet is reflecting aget that his major issue is his heritage and the keeping of political power.