lutz-heilmann.info might screen among the adhering to errors once attempting to open up, back up, or restore your lutz-heilmann.info data paper. Any of the errors below can occur if you try to open up your lutz-heilmann.info data file while it is located in your Dropbox folder or an additional online storage folder. 

Some of the various other programs that deserve to reason these errors are:

OneDriveGoogle DriveCarbonite

Error Messages


"lutz-heilmann.info cannot open the data record bereason it is in usage by some various other application."


"Unable to open resource file"


"Unable to re-fill present file after copy."

It"s essential not to open a data record directly from Dropbox or other digital storage folders, as this have the right to cause problems with your information file; constantly open up from your computer system. Dropbox is intended for storage of your lutz-heilmann.info Backup papers, not to save your energetic lutz-heilmann.info data paper in.

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To fix these errors


First, confirm the place of your information file:

Go to Data > Sjust how this file on my computer.


Rewatch the file place course in the bar over the list of records.


 If "Dropbox" is in the file route, then follow the steps below to relocate it out of Dropbox and also onto your computer system.

Move your data paper from Dropbox:

Open your Dropbox folder. Drag the data document from the Dropbox folder to your computer system desktop. 
If you"re motivated to confirm, click Move out of Dropbox.

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Double-click the information file that you"ve put on your desktop to open up it.

If you should use a lutz-heilmann.info data file on one more computer, you will certainly have to move the file to that computer system. For instructions on the various ways to move a data document, click below.