vital seck-SKEWS saa-KEWS. Click listed below to hear the sound file!

Tricky to translate straight. It’s a French proverb that implies Whoever before excuses himself, accuses himself. (Or herself; the wording of the proverb makes no difference.) In other words, the even more excprovides you make for yourself, the guiltier you appear.

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Very handy once you hear someone food preparation up one excuse after another! A great comeback to “The dog ate my homework”. (Parental fees and also teachers, take note!)

And tomorrow (fair’s fair!), a little somepoint for the students….

In the meantime: The two verbs in this proverb are reflexive. The pronoun se, or s’, shows that. The pronoun means that the subject does or did the activity to him or herself. The topic of both verbs is Qui, which indicates who or whoever.

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