Anyone who"s been playing Pokémon GO for the last 4 yearsknows that regulating your Pokémon have the right to feel a lot choose corralling a herd ofstubborn Tauros. Pokémon GO allows Trainers to keep approximately 3 thousandPokémon at any offered time however maintaining track of even a portion of that substantialnumber can be a logistical headache. Accidentally transferring the wrongPokémon to Professor Willow, powering up a Pokémon intended to stay listed below acertain CP for GO Battle Organization objectives, or simply taking forever before to find thePokémon you desire are all-too-common incidents. Fortunately, the recent introductionof a tagging feature simplifies and also revolutionizes the job of tracking yourPokémon.

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Before the tagging attribute released, many kind of Trainers provided nicknamesto assist distinguish Pokémon of the same species. In this limited method,Trainers could track and also search for Pokémon intfinished to serve a specific purposefavor participating in raids or deffinishing a Gym. The brand-new tagging feature simplifiessearcs by enabling Trainers to create tags they might need—such as Pokémon toevolve, Pokémon to power up, or even Pokémon to leave alone because their statsare perfect for Trainer battles. You can assign each tag among eightcolors—blue, green, purple, yellow, red, oselection, gray, or black—and a label forthe tag that describes the category you require.

How to Tag in Pokémon GO

The tagging function have the right to be discovered by tapping the Poké Ball atthe bottom facility of the display screen, choosing Pokémon, and also then tapping Tagsat the top-left edge of the display (or swiping right). Tap the plus signbutton in the lower-left edge to develop a brand-new tag. Tbelow you"ll give your taga name and pick a shade. Now you"re prepared to begin tagging!

You have the right to tag a Pokémon by when aobtain going to Pokémon,then selecting the Pokémon you want to tag. Tap the food selection switch in the bottom-rightedge of the display screen and also tap the Tag alternative, wbelow you"ll watch a list oftags you"ve developed (if you missed the earlier step you deserve to produce a new tagright here, too).

Pokémon are not limited to a solitary tag, so it"s feasible toapply multiple tags to a solitary Pokémon. For example, if you desire to keep trackof your challenging Venusaur that likewise happens to have the perfect move collection tocounter Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff"s Omanyte, apply your battle-all set tag andyour Team GO Rocket counters tag to make sure it shows up in both groups! Whenyou return to the Pokémon"s details display screen, the tags that are applied to it willbe prominently displayed.

One even more crucial note: tags are not permanent! To remove anytags, ssuggest pick the Pokémon, tap a tag showing up below the Pokémon"s name,and a list of options will certainly pop up, consisting of the alternative to rerelocate the tag.

View Tagged Groups in Pokémon GO

The next action is to watch all the Pokémon that share a tag.This is a snap—go back to your list of Pokémon and once again hit that Tagslabel in the top-left. The Pokémon that have actually tags will certainly show up in theirrespective groups. You deserve to then tap on those teams to zoom in and pick thosePokémon individually. Anvarious other important thing you deserve to perform right here is adjust thename and also color of a tag—hit the pencil in the top-ideal to do so.

Using the Tagging Feature in Pokémon GO

Now that you understand just how the tagging attribute functions, it"s time tobrainstorm different methods to make the a lot of of it. While every Trainer hasvarious objectives, here"s a list of tags that might be advantageous on your journey toPokémon GO greatness:

Battle lineups. Say you"ve occurred a lineup of powerful Pokémon through CP of 2500 or much less and also you do not desire to accidentally power up one of these Pokémon over 2500. Create a tag that will certainly remind you to not power them up any kind of further.

Evolution. Maybe you desire to evolve a Pokémon yet you"re still waiting until you have actually sufficient Candy. With this tag, you"ll be able to keep track of Pokémon you intfinish to evolve.

Future trades. Whether you"ve promised a friend you"ll offer them a details Pokémon or desire to trade a specific Pokémon for your next Lucky Trade, this tag might definitely come in handy.

Future buddies. If there"s a Pokémon you arrangement to evolve but don"t have actually adequate Candy, one workable solution is to make that Pokémon your buddy. But what if you"ve currently gained a Buddy Pokémon and also you"re not ready to switch? Simply produce this tag and apply it to all Pokémon you setup to make your buddy later on.

Gym defenders. Whether you come across a Gym that currently belongs to your team or case a Gym by beating one more team, you"ll most likely want to leave behind a Pokémon to safeguard that Gym. Rather than taking the time to scroll via all your Pokémon, a handy Gym defender tag would certainly permit you to leave a Pokémon while taking a lot much less time to think about it.

TM Pokémon. Maybe you have Pokémon that don"t have the finest possible relocate collection and you"re waiting till you have actually the essential Fast or Charged TMs to change your Pokémon"s moves. Or perhaps you"re dissatisfied through a Pokémon"s Rapid Attack but should take the time to research the Pokémon"s best relocate collection. Either method, this tag would come in handy.

Purify Pokémon. Whether you lack sufficient Stardust or Candy, this tag will certainly help you remember which Pokémon to purify once the time is ideal.

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Tbelow are plenty of other ways to use tagging in Pokémon GO tomeet your distinctive purposes as a Trainer. While the procedure of initially sortingyour Pokémon and also picking the ideal tags might take patience, it will ultimatelysave you time, frustration, and also focus that might be much better directed tocapturing, battling, raiding, and also completing research jobs.