You check out my messeras, But you don"t reply earlier.What"s up through that? I call you, But you"re never before residence.Are you trying to say somepoint here? Are you trying to say were through?

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I must understand.I do not choose being treated this means.I feel like I"m being puburned amethod.I have the right to discover someone new.Of course I wouldn"t desire to.I feel favor you do not want me anyeven more.Or that you"ve sindicate found someone who"s even more.

I do not know.I can"t say.I"m not accmaking use of you in anyway.I simply hate feeling choose I"m being pumelted away.I hate being dangled on a string this means.I wouldn"t do it to you, So why execute you do it to me? Are you trying to reason me more pain? All I need you to say is "Goodbye"And I"ll be on my way.I wont stick aroundWbelow I"m not wanted in any kind of way.I don"t choose being bothersome.So say that one word, And away I go.You"ll never before hear from me again.Please tell me why you neglect me so.

I am under exact same circumstance, i can understand also the pain in your poem nice words! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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