I newly finimelted functioning on this short article on how to produce a blog via Netlify as a CMS. While working on this post, I tried to make a merge and also ended up not being able to. I had this message:

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/marieqg/netlify-cms-medium# Please enter a commit message to define why this merge is crucial,# particularly if it merges an updated upstream into a topic branch.## Lines beginning with '#' will certainly be ignored, and also an empty message aborts# the commit.~ ~ "~/Documents/Projets/medium/netlify-cms-medium/.git/MERGE_MSG" 6L, 297CIt’s not the initially time I had it, yet it was certain the last time. And I was stuck tright here for a while aget. They are a couple of techniques to go out of this depending on the editor that you are making use of.

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Step 1: Understand why

Firstly, let’s try to understand why we acquired this message.

Tright here a few options :

This happens as soon as a commit was made to the branch you are functioning on (you attempt to press a commit: git push) prior to pulling the transforms ( git pull)You updated your git clientYou never before had a regional branch which was ahead of the remote beforeYour git config was readjusted recentlyYou need to have actually done git rebase or git pull --rebase instead of a merge


Most of the moment when I gain this message, it’s because I forobtained to pull before I pushed and my branches get puzzled. Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash
Tip 2: Finalize your merge

Then, let’s resolve it to finalize our merge. The means to fix it is going to depend on our editor. So:

1. For Vi or Vim

If you are using vi or vim, to manage to obtain out, you’ll have to execute :

Press “i” (i for insert)Write your merge messagePress “esc” (escape)Write “:wq” (compose & quit)Then press enter

Personally, it’s the one I’m using (let’s not acquire right into a developer argument on which editor to usage right?), and also this worked fairly well for me.

2. For Pico, Nano or Emac

If you are utilizing Nano, you’ll need to do:

CTRL + Xthen, CTRL + C

For nano, a CTRL + C might be adequate.

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It’s as easy as this, yet I constantly struggle with this one.