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I"m quite offered to utilizing the expression "at your earliest convenience" to expush urgency yet additionally polite sensitivity to others" schedules and also deadlines. It means "Please perform this as kid as you can without dropping somepoint else."

Lately I"ve heard more and more voice mail greetings and also written notes that usage the expression "at my earliest convenience." To me, this is quite rude, given that it implies "I"ll perform it when I feel prefer it." More to the point, politeness calls for minimizing the bother of a research on oneself while expushing appreciation for the bvarious other of a repursuit made on someone else.

Am I reading too much right into this? Is it polite to usage "at my earliest convenience?" It certainly sounds rude to me.


I too am surprised to hear prerecorded messages to the effect that a call will certainly be returned "at our earliest convenience." The originator of the message is confutilizing the two formal idioms "at your earliest convenience" and also "as quickly as possible." The first is a polite way to request action from an additional person. The second is an accommodating method to obligate yourself. Neither are to be taken literally.

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To me, "at my earliest convenience" is rude. Anyone utilizing it should usage "as quickly as I can," "at my earliest chance," or equivalent expression expressing urgency.

Of course, tright here is no way to increate civilization of any kind of of this without being rude and also picayune.


what is the distinction in between 'convenience' and 'opportunity'? why one have to be rude and also various other need to not?
jetset, Webster: convenience: a time that is proper for doing somepoint or that is suitable for someone, Now, why must you call me if it doesn't suit you?. You are not objective and also informed
At your convenience: is a widespread expression regularly supplied in business conmessage meaning:

at an ideal time, at your leisure, in your very own time, whenever before you favor, in your spare time, in a spare moment

At my convenience actually stresses the reality that the you will certainly perform whatever you are asked to whenever before you might prefer or have actually spare time to do it, however whether it is "rude" may additionally depfinish on individual opinion.

Ngram actually shows little intake of the expression.

I think that a polite to neutral way to express the very same idea is: as shortly as possible, often written as (ASAP).

The expression “at my earliest convenience” isn"t naturally impolite. It is, yet, somewhat ambiguous, and also may be offered politely, indifferently, or rudely. Here are 2 examples:• Bill will certainly ship your order as shortly as feasible, yet must complete three various other tasks prior to going to the stockroom; he writes: “I"ll ship your order at my earliest convenience.” (Polite.)• Jane, offfinished by your request, puts your order at the incredibly bottom of a giant pile of orders, then writes sarcastically: “I"ll finish your order at my earliest convenience.” (Impolite.)

A expression that sometimes may be used rather is “When I"m excellent and ready”. It is much less ambiguous, but favor the other phrase may be supplied a range of methods. Jane, fairly self-satisfied, might impolitely tell you, “I"ll finish your order once I"m good and ready.” Other persons might tell you, matter-of-factly and inin different ways, “I"ll perform it once I"m good and also ready”, just to inform you that their time is arranged to suit their own needs rather than yours, and also you"ll get no distinct consideration.