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Like many kind of of you, I have my whole CD repertoire ripped to my PC, along with various other music I"ve gained with iTunes or Amazon MP3. Of course, this is much even more music than will certainly fit on a single iPhone/iPod or various other media player. But, it can fit on a MyPassport external tough drive! Now, exactly how deserve to I play that music from my stereo?

What I"m looking for, yet having a daunting time finding, is a stereo receiver that can check out MP3 files off an outside USB tough drive - and also isn"t limited to, say, a 16GB dimension of the USB tool. Do such gadgets exist?

I perform not desire to depend on a computer/lapheight needing to serve music to the stereo, which makes this question extremely various from a related question: How deserve to I play my MP3 documents via my stereo system?. Just desire to plug in a difficult drive to a stereo and also have actually it job-related.

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Logitech"s Squeezebox Touch. (Note: not the other gadgets in the Squeezebox range, only the Touch).

It has USB input and also SD card input to review music from these data sources, according to the Logitech specification page. The USB drive input reads from an exterior hard drive, according to the reviews of customers at amazon UK. It has actually the usual audio outputs to attach to your receiver or speaker system.

PLUS, it has what I really essential in all of this: - A 4.3 inch screen that permits you to browse with your huge repertoire of music (using your touch or the consisted of remote), the means you would certainly on a decent mp3 player, which is not obtainable in regular stereo devices. - The various other benefit is that it is not battery operated, you leave it plugged-in to the mains (I didn"t desire an additional mp3 player that drained a battery even though I"m not going to be transporting it around).

In reality, the tool is actually advertised as being able to accessibility music over a netoccupational, however the above is all I desire it for. Sadly, it"s about half the price abroad compared to wright here I live, however amazon UK will not ship it to wright here I am. Sigh.

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Oh well, good luck to you. If you uncover somepoint else prefer this (cheaper would be cool), please provide us a heads up right here.