“Baby powder” scent is making a comeearlier as among the the majority of sought-after fragrances worn by women. These scents evokes a sense of child-favor innocence and carecomplimentary heart.

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But don’t for a moment think that it’ll make you smell infantile or choose a mum who’s forgained to clean herself up. The “baby powder” fragrances that perfume-lovers are wearing have actually been offered a “grown up” and also elegant upday with notes of vanilla, soft musk, and also citrus.

Want to add a “baby powder” fragrance to your existing perfume collection? Read on for our height referrals.


1. Demeter Baby Powder2. Zara Femme3. BVLGARI Petit et Mamans4. Freduced by Kenzo (Original)5. The Body Shop White Musk6. Aqua Savon EDT White Cotton

1. Demeter Baby Powder

Want the original? Demeter boasts a vast collection of perfumes of literally nearly anypoint, from kitten fur, chilli pepper, glue, and even petrichor, the smell of rain, so it’s no wonder that they’d bottle the comforting smell of baby powder too.

Because it’s a solitary note fragrance, don’t be afrhelp to mix it up with some of your other perfume to produce an even more complicated scent!

Starts at USD3.60 for a sampler.

2. Zara Femme


Although Zara is finest recognized as a rapid fashion chain marketing fashionable yet trendy workwear, they offer equally chic fragrances at a portion of the expense of the majority of bottles out tbelow. Femme starts off fresh to the nose through notes of bergamot and also peony, and also ultimately dries dvery own to the heat and also creamy base notes of vanilla and musk, as well as bitter patchouli for an elegant touch.

Retails at Zara stores.

3. BVLGARI Petit et Mamans


Designed specifically for both youngsters and mothers via kid-safe ingredients, the warm and also soft fragrance will certainly move you earlier to caretotally free moments via the classic notes of chamomile and talc, via included freshness from the Sicilian bergamot and sunny oranges. Hooffered in an adorable bottle with bbest yellows and also oarrays with cute animal doodles everywhere it, don’t be afrhelp to steal some from your children’s dresser occasionally!

Get yours from CosmeticsNow from SGD64.95.

4. Freduced by Kenzo (Original)


An metropolitan and also modern-day take on the comforting scent of baby powder, attempt this one out if you favor traditionally feminine and also soft fragrances with a floral edge. With notes of parma vioallows, hawthorne, and also Bulgarian roses, this famous fragrance dries down to a affluent and also refined vanilla and musk base.

Get the original EDT fragrance from SGD83, or see their full selection of Flower by Kenzo right here, consisting of a cushion perfume (SGD63).

5. The Body Shop White Musk


One of The Body Shop’s bestoffering fragrances, this classical fragrance is most likely a lot of familiar to us. Featuring a man-made powdery musk note, the depth of it is well balanced out by various other light and also airy florals, making this the perfect day-to-day daytime fragrance. With a whole line of body care commodities prefer a fragrance mist (SGD23), an Eau de Toilette (SGD32), and also even a men’s version (SGD40), pick one to suit your way of living requirements.

These are easily accessible at all The Body Shop stores or their main save on Shopee.

6. Aqua Savon EDT White Cotton


A calm and also gentle scent that reminds one of freshly washed laundry that dries right into a affluent and musky base note, here’s one to attempt out if you dislike overly sweet and also bideal perfumes.

SGD71.94 on Shopee.

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7. Guerlain Eau de Shalimar


If you’re a perfume fanatic, you’ll know Guerlain has actually been making fragrances for nearly two centuries, retaining their superior craftsmanship in both the fragrance and the bottle housing it, and also Eau de Shalimar is no exemption.