The Brief: The "People"ll Love You And Support You When It"s Beneficial" TikToks frequently watch creators walking gradually while expushing various emovements in front of green display screen backgrounds.

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TikTokers are walking slowly while expushing miscellaneous eactivities in front of green screen backgrounds to a mix of Nicki Minaj’s “Pills N’ Potions.” The trfinish is marked by on-display screen message indicating the humorous factors they’re get over through varying emovements. Tright here are over 63,000 videos linked to the audio on TikTok.


People’ll love you and also support you once it’s beneficialI’ma foroffer, I won’t forobtain, yet I’ma dead the issueSoon as you out they little life is as soon as they start to miss out on youThey check out you doin’ great, currently it’s kinda difficult to diss youYeah, they be sick as soon as they remember all the negative they wished you

These videos started trfinishing on Aug.23. The trend appears to trace back to
Peachling that has been credited by various other TikTokers. In his Aug.

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23 video, he progressively walks in the direction of a green display screen photo of a stairmeans to heaven. The video is captioned, “Me af going to God asking for a refund on life.” The video got over 56,000 likes and 194,000 views.


He did me so dirty