In this magic kit review, I’m going to give you the finish breakdown of what the Penn and Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit supplies, and also whether it’s worth your time. Let’s gain started…

Magic Kit: Penn and also Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

WOW Factor: 9

Difficulty: Easy (8+)

Availability: 8/10

Magician Rating: 8/10

Overall: 8/10

Boy, this is a good magic kit.

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That’s precisely the kind of line Penn Jillete would certainly be most likely to say, as fans of the hit show ‘Penn and Teller: Fool Us’ will certainly confirm.

But is it really?

YES! You can remainder assured that, initially and also forea lot of, this is a solid option of magic kit.

With an average evaluation of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon and the LOWEST testimonial rating it as ‘not bad’, I think that the verdict is pretty last. Penn and Teller are such substantial names in the magic human being that there was never a opportunity they would let their main magic set be sub-par.

In this short article I’ll be going over:

So, what is the Penn and also Teller magic kit?

This magic kit is ‘the’ official magic kit of Penn and Teller, and has enough equipment to perdevelop over 200 classical illusions.

Now, that doesn’t mean there’s 200 individual props, just that with the props provided you should be all collection to learn thousands of different tricks. You likewise acquire an instructional booklet put together by Teller and a DVD via instructions teaching you specifically exactly how to perform the tricks.

Who are Penn and Teller?

I understand most of you most likely recognize who these iconic magicians are, yet for those of you who don’t, here’s some quick background details on the duo.

Penn and Teller are a pair of magicians who have their own running Las Vegas present (the longest running present in Las Vegas history…) and star in the present ‘Penn and Teller: Fool Us.’

They first began percreating in the late 1970s, and are still going today! Over the years, they’ve perdeveloped HUNDREDS of magic tricks and watched THOUSANDS even more.

With all that endure behind them, I think we deserve to trust that whichever tricks made the cut for their magic set need to be pretty decent!

Where have the right to you buy this set?

You’ve obtained a pair of options. I think Amazon is your ideal bet, although you could have the ability to discover it on various other online marketplaces or maybe the Penn and also Teller website.

It’s in stock now, yet it’s bound to go in and also out of stock as we method Christmas and also the holiday seakid so you could want to play it safe and also buy currently, while it’s still in.

So, what’s actually included?

To be hoswarm, the one thing I wasn’t a fan of was just how difficult it is to find the specifics on WHAT items you’re acquiring in this kit. But don’t worry! I went with and made a note of each item I found. Here’s the list:

– Money Machine


I don’t actually know the name of this trick, yet Money Machine works pretty well. Imagine taking a blank piece of paper and turning it into cash.

Everyone’s dream, right?

Well, through this magic trick you can. Or at least, you can make it LOOK prefer that’s what your doing. Unfortunately you won’t ACTUALLY have the ability to transform paper into money.

But it still looks great! In fact, you have the right to go back and forth between the money and paper as much as you want. You can ask a frifinish to borrow a 1 dollar bill, then rotate it into paper and hand also it back to him!

There’s many potential via this impact and also your creative thinking really is the limit right here.

– The Zigzag Card Trick

This is a great optical illusion that will absolutely make people scrape their heads over. You present them an simple playing card and also continue to split it in half and also regain it ideal before their eyes.

Here’s what the card looks choose before:


Here’s what it looks prefer afterward:


Even after you push part of the card out prefer this, you somejust how restore it earlier to normal when you pull it out.

This is a really basic magic trick that renders for an excellent looking illusion and will certainly baffle both kids and also adults.

– Phantom Ball and Vase

This is one of those tricks that we’ve more than likely all watched somewbelow prior to, but here’s an excellent brand-new spin on it by Penn and Teller themselves!


Now, I’m not saying you’ll have the ability to perdevelop magic this exceptional directly amethod, yet I hope you view just how there’s so many various possible directions to take; you’re not restricted to the cliche ‘now it’s gone, now it’s back!’ version.

Having sassist all that, I’m certain that even if you’ve checked out this trick a hundred times, it will be something brand-new for your kids and they’ll definitely enjoy it as it is.

– Sponge Balls

Sponge Balls are an AWESOME magic prop. While they can sound boring, they have actually SO MANY different tricks you have the right to perform. For example, one of my favorite sponge ball magic tricks goes favor this:

You present the audience 2 normal sponge balls. You ask for a spectator to come and help you out.

Taking among the sponge balls in your hand and also cshedding your fist up tight, you ask the spectator to open up their hand also. Then, you place the other sponge round in their hand also and ask them to host as tight as they can so you can’t perform any type of funny moves.

Finally, you say the magic words and also open up your hand also. The sponge round has actually disappeared.

But’s that not the finish of it!

You ask the spectator to open up up their hand. Guess what?

Both sponge balls are inside their hand also, which has actually been closed shut the ENTIRE time.

While this trick does involve a small sleight of hand and also may take some exercise for kids to learn, it’s a really outstanding trick that have the right to be done with ANY two sponge balls.

But this is simply one idea; tright here are literally HUNDREDS of different means you deserve to put the sponge balls to usage. In truth, you can use them as component of the following trick…

– The Cups and Balls Magic Trick

Did you understand that the Cups and also Balls is possibly the OLDEST magic trick, ever?

That’s right. And you acquire to learn it as component of this awesome kit.


The Cups and also Balls is a really fun and also clever magic trick in which the magician reflects three cups and also three balls. He areas the balls beneath the cups, just to discover that they seem to magically readjust cups while you aren’t looking.

The Cups and also Balls is actually one of the tricks Penn and also Teller are the majority of well known for performing, so I’m not surprised they decided to encompass it in this set. Aobtain, it is a good trick for both children and adults because while the concept is easy enough for kids to master, it have the right to be really fooling and exceptional if you practice enough via it.

– The Genie Bottle

This isn’t among the finest tricks of the collection, but it’s not poor either.

It absolutely won’t fool adults yet I’m sure kids will certainly enjoy making use of it. The result goes choose this:

The magician takes a item of rope and a plastic bottle. He puts the rope down the opening of the bottle. Once he’s done that, he lifts up the rope and it carries the bottle with it (the principle is that there’s a genie in the bottle, holding onto the rope).

You deserve to then hand also the same piece of rope and also bottle to a frifinish to let them attempt. They won’t have the ability to carry out it! The bottle will fall eexceptionally time.

Aacquire, not a showstopper yet certainly fun to do!

– The Penn-A-Tration Frame

This is just one of the coolest parts of the set. You take an plain looking playing card and also place it within a plastic framework. The card actually goes physically inside the structure. But one card isn’t enough! You include one more card to up the stakes.

You then take a pen and stab it appropriate through both the cards and also the frame. You deserve to view the hole in the cards and can even view THROUGH the hole to the other side.

But, as soon as you pull the cards out, the framework is untouched and also tbelow is not a solitary hint of a hole!

Another baffling illusion.

– Tellerkinetic Wand

First of all, I hope namong these puns are being shed on you. Secondly, what magic set is complete without a magic wand?

– Instructional Booklets

You acquire a pair of bookallows. One of them is all around the tricks within the actual kit itself, and also the other is one that teaches you over 125 various card tricks you deserve to perform through an plain deck of cards.

DISCLAIMER: You don’t actually obtain a deck of playing cards through this magic set, quite a booklet full of tutorials on different card trick impacts. This was among the just ‘negative’ points human being had to say about this kit.

Luckily, playing cards are really cheap to come by and also opportunities are you can currently have actually a collection or 2 lying roughly in the home.


The instructional booklet is excellent, but the DVD really helps out those visual learners who discover it tough to learn specifically from books. This have to be really useful for children trying to make feeling of it; the booklet might be a little complex for them, whereas the DVD is super straightforward to understand also and watch.

So, I think that’s more or much less it. Tbelow can be a pair of other items I neglected to mention yet these are the primary components.


This magic kit is right for younger youngsters in between 5 and also 12 (simply my stormy guess, several other reviewers apparently bought for younger/older and it went well). The tricks are fun and outstanding, however extremely simple to carry out.


However, I WOULDN’T recommfinish this kit to someone buying for a kid trying to find even more of a difficulty. If you’re buying for someone over 10, the possibilities are that they will like Jim Stott’s Ultimate Magic Kit, as it consists of a lot more REAL magic tricks used by specialists.

So, while the Penn and Teller Fool Everyone Magic Kit is a great pick for younger youngsters and also is super fun, it could not quite make the reduced for kids that are searching for something a small even more advanced/fooling. In that case, check out the magic kit I recommfinish for older children!

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