Penn & Teller, self-prodeclared pit-bulls of truth, set out to prove that many type of of the organizations culture holds dear are bogus and also designed to profit from the desperate and also trusting public. Each episode consists of interviews and also undercover segments linked through Penn & Teller's comedy. The controversial initially seaboy promises Penn & Teller's aggressive, irreverent disclose of taboo topics using the duo's trademark humor, their understanding of tricks and also con-artisattempt, as well as covert cameras and confrontation.

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ProducersStar Price, Mark WolperSeaboy year2003NetworkShowtimeAcquisition rightsStream instantly DetailsFormatPrime Video (streaming digital video)DevicesAvailable to watch on sustained devices
DerekReregarded in the USA on April 28, 2019
When I was younger, I loved this show. As the hosts said themselves, it provides you simply enough information to make enemies over lunch. Revisiting the series years later, it"s shocking just how lazy and biased the disagreements were. They frequently rekind to the exact same kind of faulty logic that they assault the charlatans for making use of, and count heavily on "experts" that are noticeable frauds. There are moments in the series when they really hit on something good (their anti-vax opening is brilliant), yet so a lot else is guilty of spanalysis misinformation and mischaracterization. They have to be ashamed of themselves.
David WilderReregarded in the United States on May 22, 2016
I was actually embarrassed to watch their ham-handed attempt to hide an obviously covert "Climate Denial message" utilizing purposecompletely inarticulate, unready, spokesmales as living "proof" of their unstated, default conclusion. Penn & Teller are somewhat entertaining as a magic act, but in retrospect, their methodology and also "conclusions" on social commentary are at ideal, sindicate "PROPAGANDA and Truthiness."
CCarberryReviewed in the United States on November 20, 2016
I watched a couple of episodes and will certainly definitely go back for more. The one man not speaking is quirky yet after a while simply gets weird. They take on a vast range of topics so you deserve to surf for ones that interemainder you. It never before ceases to amaze me just how many type of rubes autumn for so many kind of scams. I"m no genius, probably just cynical, yet Penn & Teller deserve to be smug and also they obviously love doing it. Worth watching.
Movies and TV reflects are like exceptionally individual items; either you"re interested in the topic issue or you"re not yet somebody else is. Watch it and take your possibilities.
Love Penn and also Teller! Also love when world cut through the crap and lay it bare. Political correctness dies at their doorstep simply choose it should. I hate a faker, a liar, or a thief, and also this pair of extremely intelligent and well stupassed away magicians pull out all the stops to reveal some of the the majority of beloved snake oil salesmen and bulls*** artists on earth. Kudos!
If you want to recognize more about what goes on in the background of every day problems, then this is the show to watch. The language is crude however the indevelopment is valuable. Some of the video and also interviews are dated ( the display premiered in 2003). A equivalent display now is "Adam damages everything"
Saw this originally and also thought many kind of of the points presented would certainly not last. Ooops, they did.Question everything, obtain answers, no answers move on.Seriously, relocate on.
P&T start out via some low-hanging fruit topics, choose hypnosis, feng shui, ESP, alien abductions and also ouija boards. Chances are, if you are watching BS, it is because you currently consider those things to be BS. It is just when P&T tackle concerns like second-hand smoke and GMO foods that the display becomes interesting. Seachild two is complete of those episodes, so skip ahead if you want to feel challenged.

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