In December 1990, comedian-actors Chevy Chase (right) and also Steve Martin assisted tether a balloon throughout the Jaycees Christmas parade in The two were in town filming a music video for Paul Simon that took location during the parade. The video was for the song “Proof.”

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In December 1990, the floats were not the just attractions at the annual Ukrops/Jaycees Christmas parade in downtown Actors Chevy Chase and Steve Martin were in through Paul Simon for the filming of the music video for “Proof,"a song on the musician’s latest album “The Rhythm of the Saints.”

The filming of the music video involved by “luck” according to a November 1990 Times-Dispatch report. The video’s director Gary Weise, who had actually simply filmed his first commercial for the Virginia Lottery, uncovered out around the parade through the Virginia Film Office. With the Simon video also on his mind, he asked the film office if any type of parades were coming up.

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A reporter from the News Leader defined the scene the day of the parade in December 1990:

Simon, Chase and Martin wore Arab headdresses and also were dressed as sheiks with bideal green pants, gold shirts and oversized green shoes.

They carried musical instruments and also led a band also of similarly attired musicians. On a bass drum were the words "ACCA Temple Asian Band."

Closely guarded by police and other escorts, the celebrities appeared to gain mingling via the crowd, and also often required the parade to speak while spectators craned their necks to view what was holding up the functions.

Simon’s album had a “Third World” theme and also the costumes were “Meant to evoke a South Afrihave the right to, Brazilian, Guatemalan, Mardi Gras, folk-art feel,” according to one of the video’s art directors. 

The float Simon, Chase and Martin rode on was constructed by 37-year-old transplant Lenny Brisendine. The VCU graduate relocated ago to in the early on 1990s after a set-building stint through Walt Disney Imagineering in The golden state. In he started his very own business, Church Hill Production Services. Just 3 days before the 1990 Christmas parade, Brisendine obtained a contact with a repursuit to construct the float for Simon’s video—he worked 60 hrs straight with no sleep.

The star-studded parade had actually mixed responses. From the perspective of the video"s production staff, “There were no troubles.” Ani Lytle, the pre-production coordinator shelp, “The crowd was responsive and also excited that they might be in the Paul Simon video. And we gained some wonderful shots of kids on the parade course and also various floats.”

On the other hand also, parade organizers expressed frustration and also shelp that filmequipments repeatedly delayed the parade to change the lineup.

According to reports fans and parade attendees were mainly happy and star struck. Simon, Chase and also Martin signed autographs at the parade"s end. Chase who smoked cigarettes in the time of his breaks entertained onlookers by puffing smoke via his trumpet. Marva Cox of South encountered Chase at the end of the route—he opened a deserve to of Coca-Cola, took a sip, and also handed it to her. “I’m going to freeze it!” she told the Times-Dispatch reporter while excitedly while clutching her souvenir. Police Capt. Thomas W. Shook described the event saying, “It was the best parade in in my endure. And it was the worst."

"The stars are real showguys. They put on a good display. But the film devices were arrogant. They attracted up a scenario and also then didn’t follow it,” he continued.

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Captain Shook explained that while parade organizers were frustrated by delays in the parade’s activity alengthy downtown roads, these problems were not noticeable to the majority of parade goers—however likewise depending upon their place. "Those that watched the parade close to the DMV witnessed a good display. Those who waited for hours dvery own at Seventh Street, had actually to wait an additional 20 to 30 minutes. Children had been waiting hours to see Santa Claus. He was at the end of the parade, of course. The delay tired some of them,” Captain Shook sassist.



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In December 1990, comedian-actors Chevy Chase (right) and also Steve Martin aided tether a balloon in the time of the Jaycees Christmas parade in The two were in town filming a music video for Paul Simon that took area in the time of the parade. The video was for the song “Proof.”