Parks and Recreation seakid 7, episode 7, “Donna and also Joe” airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. on NBC. Donna marries fifty percent of Key & Peele.

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Parks and also Rec has actually officially reached the midpoint of its seventh and final season. To celebprice the midallude, NBC is permitting it a bit of a breather. Tbelow will certainly only be one brand-new episode tonight rather of the usual 2. The second half hour will be a repeat of the season’s initially episode. Parks and Rec seachild 7 was designed to have actually two episodes air each night, yet via an odd variety of episodes (13), one week had actually to have just one.

Thanktotally, “Donna and also Joe” will attribute an event huge sufficient to make it feel prefer an hour: Donna’s wedding. Donna and also her beau Joe (Keegan-Michael Key) rejoined earlier in 2014 and apparently points have actually gone well in the three years that have actually passed in Pawnee time.

Tonight will also see the return of an old villain turned ally in Jen Barkley, one-time Bobby Newport campaign manager. She has an intriguing offer for Ben and Leslie. Could this foretell the return of Bobby?

Official synopsis for ‘Parks and also Rec’ seakid 7, episode 7 ‘Donna and also Joe’:

“Donna and also Joe tie the knot, while April attempts to save the wedding running smoothly. Ron creates an awkward case between Tom and Lucy. Jen Barkley (Special Guest Kathryn Hahn) arrives at Ben and also Leslie’s house through an interesting possibility.”

Photos from ‘Parks and also Rec’ seaboy 7, episode 7:


Watch ‘Parks and also Rec’ season 7 online

NBC offers a free, legal replay of Parks and Recreation episodes on their webwebsite to watch digital the morning after an episode airs, if you have the right to stomach the ads.

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Hulu Plus subscribers are additionally able to watch episodes the following morning. iTunes is presently offering a Parks and also Rec seakid pass for $29.99.