============= - Chapter 3 - ============= Of Glitz and also Glory-----------Glitzville \__________________________________________________________________ |Enemies: Goomba, KP Koopa*, KP Paratroopa*, Pokey*, Dull Bones, Lakitu* | R. S. Buzzy*, Bandit*, Big Bandit*, H. Bald Cleft*, Bob-omb | Iron Cleft(red)*, Iron Cleft(green)*, Bristle, Red Magikoopa* | White Magikoopa*, Green Magikoopa*, Dark Craw*, Dark Koopatrol* | Fuzzy, Eco-friendly Fuzzy, Flower Fuzzy, Red Chomp*, Hammer Bro*, Fire Bro* | Boomerang Bro* |Items: Star Pieces (47-56), Shine Sprites (10,11), HP Plus Badge |------------------------------------------------------------------------------ once you land also in Glitzville head left behind the left booth for a Star Piece(SP 47). Go beneath the huge star and in the middle Spin Jump for an additional StarPiece (SP 48). Go behind the appropriate bushes of the major building for yet anotherStar Piece (SP 49). From there head to the structure at best. Go behind therespond to to obtain a Star Piece (SP 50). Head down and also work your way on top of theblue switch. Spin Jump on it to make actions show up. Go up the measures and also open up thechest for a Power Plus P Badge. Underneath the huge picture is a Star Piece(SP 51), use Koops to grab it. Go to the Shine Sprite (SS 10) and also swing Mario"shammer underneath the Shine Sprite. A block will appear allowing Mario to reachthe Shine Sprite. Get in the main structure. Go to the photo of the 2 Bob-ombs and Spin Jumpfor a Star Piece (SP 52). Enter the door at right. A fighter called Rawk Hawk isin the ring and is the champion. After humiliating his opponent he holds up thechampion belt, on it is the Crystal Star! Your companion pulls you out and saysthat you need to fight your means to the optimal and win that belt. Head left and also talkto the guy infront of the door. Go into the door and also head down the hall till thescreen rotates, enter the initially door. Talk to Grubba and also he shows Mario about.Sign the contract as soon as asked and also you are referred to as The Great Gonzales. An assistantenters and also takes Mario to the Minor Organization room. Follow her directions and waitfor defense. When protection comes head out for your first fight.Rank: 19thEnemy: Goomba Bros.Reward: 3 coins After the battle King K. introduces the fellas to Mario. Sleep in the bed atbest and save if essential. Continue healing, fighting and following theproblems (random) till you get via the Bob-Omb Squad.Rank: 18thEnemy: KP KoopasReward: 4 CoinsRank: 17thEnemy: Pocrucial TripletsReward: 4 coinsRank: 16thEnemy: Dead BonesReward: 5 coindsRank: 15thEnemy: Spike StormReward: 5 coinsRank: 14thEnemy: Hand-it-OversReward: 6 coinsRank: 13thEnemy: Mind-BogglersReward: 6 coinsRank: 12thEnemy: Punk RocksReward: 7 coindsRank: 11thEnemy: Bob-Omb SquadReward: 7 coinsRank: 10thEnemy: Armored HarriersReward: 7 coins To beat these guys go exterior to the hotdog stand. An egg is on the loose. Tryto catch it and also it jumps onto the hotdog stand. Go on top of the Juice Bar andfly across to it. The egg will follow you, so take it right into the arena through you.You will lose your fight versus these guys yet then the egg will certainly hatch and outpops a Yoshi. Name it and also fight them aacquire with Yoshi in the fight, usage hisGulp approach to defeat the enemy. After the win you go to Mr. Grubba and also obtain 30 coins. Mario also gets to enterthe Major Organization locker room. Rawk comes storming in and after a conversation heexits. A mysterious email is sent out by "X". Go behind the lockers at the left toget an Ice Storm.Rank: 9thEnemy: Tiny SpiniesReward: 9 coinsRank: 8thEnemy: Covering ShockersReward: 12 coins Mario receives one more email from "X". Go to the Juice Bar (watering hole)like the email shelp. Talk to the man close to the respond to and he provides you theSuper Hammer! Mario receives another email to smash the big yellow block inthe minor league room. Do so and also then climb to the height of the shelf on theright. Use Yoshi"s capacity to glide over to the shelf through the paper, grab theDubious Paper. It has study on the Crystal Stars on it... As you leave theroom Ms. Jolene confiscates the paper. Head ago to the significant league lockerand also register for one more fight.Rank: 7thEnemy: Poker FacesReward: 12 coins After you beat the Bristles the two Iron Clefs come earlier in for another fight.Beat them the exact same way you did last time. Mario receives a threatening emailyet not from "X"... Continue fighting.Rank: 6thEnemy: Magikoopa MastersReward: 13 coins After the fight "a fan" sends out Mario some cake, eat up if you desire (it"s a poisonous cake) and proceed fighting!Rank: 5thEnemy: FuzzReward: 13 coins After you beat the Fuzzies, Bowser comes in and challenges you. He"s notreally a boss, yet he does have 30 HP. Hit him hard via Power Bounce and also useKoops or Flurrie to do added damages. Just save at him and also he"ll die, you"llrealize 30 HP isn"t that much anyeven more.Rank: 4thEnemy: Craw-DaddyReward: 14 coins "X" sends an additional email after the fight. Head outside and also Rawk Hawk threatensMario. Maybe Rawk Hawk sent the hate mail? Continue to the phone booth. Oncethere grab the Storage Key. As you move earlier another email tells you to go tothe Storage room. Head on ago yet check in the hallway for a box via the topopen up, run up the left side and also enter it to obtain the Last Stand Badge. Get in theStorage room to satisfy Ms. Mowz. After the conversation Spin Jump the middle for aStar Piece (SP 53). Then use Flurrie to blow the cover off the left boxes. Smashthe blocks and also hit the blue switch to have stairs come dvery own. Blow ameans theblocks at right, grab the Charge P Badge and then proceed up the stairs and also getthe Shine Sprite (SS 11). Hop on package at left and also usage Yoshi to acquire to thevarious other side. Smash the large block and also then usage Yoshi aacquire to obtain an HP Plus PBadge. Hop into the vent and continue appropriate, examine the peekhole for a scenebetween Jolene and also Grubba. Use Mario"s capability and loss through the ventopening. Go earlier to the locker room.Rank: 3rdEnemy: Hamma, Bamma, and FlareReward: 14 coins Anvarious other hazard email is sent out warning Mario to stop searching for theCrystal Star or he"ll finish up favor the other lacking fighters... Jolene bringsin another cake, aacquire eat up if you wish -- it"s one more poisonous cake -- butthis time your partner gets paralyzed after eating it and also Mario need to fly solofor the next match -- if you ate the cake.Rank: 2ndEnemy: Chomp CountryReward: 15 coins You partner states the cake was poisoned and it"s evident someone wanted you outof the image.. better be mindful.Rank: 1stEnemy: KoopinatorReward: 15 coins "X" sends another email. This time "X" wants Mario to peel the Great Gonzalesposters off the walls. Go to the second floor lobby. Use Flurrie and also blow offthe Mario poster, a Storage Key will drop. "X" emails you aobtain, this time to goto the second floor of the Storage Room. Go in and usage Yoshi to cross over theboxes. Smash the yellow block to uncover the missing fighters smashed tright here... Gobehind the edge best box for a Star Piece (SP 54). As you make your way outyour companion catches Jolene peeking in the door. Head ago and register for thetitle fight. The guy in blue takes you to a minor-league locker room and also tells you to wait.At the same time, Mario is being called out for his enhance. Your companion tries to openthe door however it"s locked! Head to the bottom appropriate and usage Flurrie to blow opena new course. Head best and also go right into the toilet. Exit and also then head for the titlematch with Rawk Hawk**.----------Rawk Hawk \____________________________________________________________________ |HP: 40 |Attack: 3 |Defense: 1 |Attacks: Double Aerial, Dive, Cheap Swarm |Strategy: Start off via Koops in your party. Have Mario use his Power Bounce | all the time, try to gain 5-6 hits in per turn with him. Have Koops | usage his normal attack until HP gets low. When HP is low have Mario | use Sweet Treat and have actually Koops use Shell Shield. When the Fog appears| Rawk Hawk will certainly usage Dive and deal 6 damages per hit. When Rawk Hawk | takes to the bars, usage Quake Hammer to take him dvery own. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the fight you gain the champs belt and also are taken to the champs room. Youreceive an e-mail from "X" to uncover the gorganize in the champs room. Get on top ofthe boxes at left and also use Yoshi to gain to the vent. Use a Super Smash to breakthe vent. Listen as Grubba talls aloud. Break the vent and also hop dvery own to review hiskey paper in the desk. Grubba retransforms to check out Mario looking at the paper thattells just how the Crystal Star runs underneath the ring and also drains the life of thefighters. When he leaves open his other drawer for a Star Piece (SP 55). Thengoto the bottom left edge plant for another Star Piece (SP 56). Head to thearena and also right here Grubba out. He then transdevelops into Macho Grubba**.-------------------Boss: Macho Grubba \___________________________________________________________ |HP: 60 |Attack: 4 |Defense: 0 |Attacks: Attack+, Turn+, Flop |Strategy: He"ll boost his turns, beef himself up, then assault. Use this time| to deal damage to Macho Grubba large time. Use Koops or Flurrie to deal| quick damage. Be sure to usage Mario"s Power Bounce all the time and | as soon as your HP is low just usage Sweet Treat. Clock Out works wonders in | this battle, use it when ever you deserve to because it will buy most time| to execute damage. |------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the fight listen to Jolene"s story as she was "X". Prince Mush comesearlier and also Mario gets the Crystal Star and also a brand-new relocate, "Power Lift". With that thechapter involves an end. The see switches to Grodus and the Shadow Sirens. Grodus is flourishing exhausted ofBeldam not taking Mario out. She reassures him that they will acquire the project doneand they leave. Take regulate of Peach and visit TEC aget. TEC desires Peach tofind out what Grodus is reasoning on a particular concern so he tells her to go to theElevator and also dress up as a soldier. Get in the elevator and also head right, enterthe first door and open the lockers. Grab the uniform and also change in the stallsat appropriate. Leave and enter the far ideal door. Talk to Grodus. After the convogo ago and adjust, then head earlier to TEC. Switching to Bowser, we see aobtain just how behind he is. Go to the right and also checkbehind the bush to enter a long conversation through the Punies. When the talkingis done save. Back to Mario. The world at the Glitz Pit say there farewells and also Mario ichild his means. Head back to Rogueport through the blimp. When you acquire ago, head intothe sewers like you did before. Use Yoshi to cross over and gain the Shine Sprite(SS 12). Enter the pipe and go ideal to gain a Star Piece (SP 57). Head ago andgo down the pipe on the bottom floor. Go down and also follow the course. Use Flurrieto disclose a pipe in behind the wall. Smash the "?" box for a Slow Shroom andenter the pipe. You end up in the Pit of 100 Trials room. Head appropriate to enterthe Thousand-Year Door room. Go appropriate and departure the room. Drop dvery own and also smash theyellow block. Go up the pipe and then left. Smash the yellow block and go up togain the Shine Sprite (SS 13). Reach the blue switches from the height floor andSpin Jump on them. The left pipe takes you to the Great Tree and also the appropriate onetakes you to Petalburg. Now head to the Thousand-Year Door and stand on thepedestal. After being taken to Frankly go to Merlon"s and also power up your partners. Headto West Rogueport and enter the sewers. Go left utilizing Yoshi. Open the door andhop right into the pipe. The pipe spits you ago out! Go ago and talk to Frankly.Leave the home and also head left, then into the alley behind the wall. Go aroundthe edge and then talk to Darkly.

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After being "marked" head to Twilight Townusing the brown pipe.