You still have actually some unfinimelted service in the Bloodshot Strongorganize, so we’ll be making another pilgrimage back to the bandit base. If you remember as soon as you went trying to find the Splinter Group, tright here were a couple of bandits giving a Hyperion loader a beat down. After killing the bandits you need to have approached the broken dvery own bot and got his AI core. Now, loader 1340 would certainly favor you to relocate his AI core to a brand-new body and also in return he guarantees not to kill you. Preferably, in a Hyperion constructor on the ramcomponents of the strongorganize.

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Fight your means to the Bloodswarm Ramcomponents. Not far from the steps you come out on you’ll find the constructor 1340 spoke of. Install his AI core into the constructor and the machine will certainly involved life…and attempt to kill you. Several EMP loaders will come charging towards you from behind the behemoth.

Stay as far away from them as you have the right to and also shoot them before they explode. Use a great corrosive weapon to take dvery own the constructor easily. When the constructor is ruined pick up 1340’s AI core again. He apologizes for trying to kill you and asks you to take him to an additional defunct robot to plug him right into.


This time it’s a WAR loader uncovered approximately the center of the ramcomponents. Install him right into the bot and also it springs to life. Seems favor 1340 is much better at breaking his guarantees than maintaining them. He starts attacking you aobtain via some GUN loaders and also repair units by his side. Once aget sindicate use a great corrosive weapon to kill him conveniently again.

When it’s ruined, pick up 1340’s AI core aacquire. He pleads to you he no longer wishes to kill and asks you to install him into a radio in Sanctuary.


Quick travel to Sanctuary and also head to Moxxi’s bar. There’s a radio on the other finish of the bar. Place 1340’s AI core into the radio and he seems to be at peace. Then, in one final attempt to kill you, he plays the a lot of god awful music you can think of. Shut him up through a solitary swarm from your gun.

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Because none of this is working out he decides to let you decide what to perform via him. Turn in this quest to either Zed for a shield or Marcus for an awesome gun. Either one is made from 1340’s AI core so suppose most unessential talking from either one you make. Enjoy.