Which of the following decreases in response to the interest price impact from an increase in the price level? A. both investment and consumptionB. consumption however not investmentC. Investment however not consumptionD. neither investment nor consumption

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the supply of dollars in the industry for international currency exchange decreases, so the exadjust rate rises
The sticky wage theory of the brief run aggregate supply curve says that once the price level rises more than meant,
Other points the exact same, if the price level rises by 2% and also civilization were expecting it to rise by 5%, then some firms have
The misperception theory of the short run accumulation supply curve says that if the price level is greater than human being intended, then some firms believe that the relative price of what they create has
If supposed inflation is continuous, then when the nominal interest price boosts, the real interest rate
A case in which the Fed"s tarobtain interest rate has fallen as far as it can loss is sometimes described as a
is mostly identified by the rate of money supply development while unemployment is primarily established by labor market factors
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