How to make Alex Vause Costume

1Beige ScrubsAlex wears the conventional unicreate given to all inmates, which is a pair of plain beige scrub suits.

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2Plain White T-ShirtAlex keeps herself added cozy by putting on a simple white shirt underneath her scrub shirt.
3Black Wig via FringeIf you don’t have actually Alex’s awesome babsence hair, wear a black wig with a fringe.
4Fake Fldental TattooDon’t forgain to add fake tattoos in your costume considering that Alex has actually many them. A special cite goes to her awesome red rose tatas well.
5Prisoner IDYou acquired to make certain that you have actually an ID via you since Alex has one to determine her as an inmate.
6Black Rimmed GlassesA pair of babsence rimmed glasses will certainly end up off your look perfectly.

Alex is snarky, manipulative, and can seem choose she just looks out for herself. But she does love quite fiercely. They may have actually gone through most turbulent patches yet no one can deny the love Alex and Piper have for each other. Plus, Alex is also street smart which is an excellent trait to have actually inside prison particularly if you’re in it via the perboy you love the most.

Like all the other inmates, Alex wears a beige scrub set. She adds a little personality to it by wearing her sleeves rolled up to show her awesome tatts. She additionally likes placing on a pair of babsence rimmed glasses bereason Alex loves reading. Here’s everything you should look like Alex Vause.

Alex Vausage Makeup

About Alex Vause

Alex Vause is played by actress Laura Prepon. She also played Donna Pinciotti in That ‘70s Show.

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