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Please be mindful that as you review these instructions, the clock continues to count dvery own the 10 minutes.

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This questionnaire consists of 6 (6) kinds of problems. You are to choose your answers by clicking on the correct box in the answer column down the right side of the page. You may use scrape paper to help you figure out the answers throughout this questionnaire. Please do not use a calculator.

Sample Questions

Solve the complying with problem:
● 10 / 2 = 2 4 5 8
Answer: The solution is 5. The box noted 5 is selected and shaded grey.

Find the word through the meaning most equivalent to the word offered.
● LATE is many equivalent in definition to: Early Rough Overdue Later
Answer: The box with OVERDUE is schosen and shaded grey because OVERDUE is a lot of similar in interpretation to LATE.
Read the numbers and decide what the next number should be.
● 15 14131211109 1 2 7 8
msg.widespread.PMAInstructions.answer= The box marked 8 is selected bereason each number in the series is 1 much less than the coming before number.
Choose the word that best completes the analogy so that second pair of words has the very same partnership as the first pair of words.
● DAWN is to SUNRISE as PURCHASE is to: Sell Take Buy Sunset
Answer: DAWN and SUNRISE are synonyms. BUY is schosen and shaded grey because BUY is a synonym for PURCHASE.
Choose the one word that is various from the various other words in the list.
● Which of the following words is various from the others? Slow Swift Quick Prompt
Answer: The box through SLOW is selected and shaded grey bereason SLOW is various in interpretation from the various other words in the list.
Read the adhering to meaning and also select the first letter of the word that ideal fits it.

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● An open up area totally free of woods and also buildings E F G Q
Answer: Words is FIELD. The letter F is selected bereason it is the initially letter of the word FIELD.