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I have seen both forms, so I am puzzled. Which of the complying with is the a lot of correct way to write the phrase?

"one of a kind"





I see no justification for the hyphens, except in the unmost likely circumstance of the phrase being offered adjectivally.

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Is the expression offered as a solitary adjective prior to a noun? If so, use hyphens (see example 1). For example: "He is a one-of-a-type man."

Is the expression offered as a predicate adjective after the verb to explain a noun prior to the verb? If so, don"t usage hyphens (see example 2). For example: "That man is one of a kind."


The hyphens" function is to join two or more words to display that they belengthy to each other.

See this instance in Oxford Thesaurus for Cutting edge Learners "a non-native speaker of a language is one that has not spoken it from the time they first learnt to talk", where non-native is an adjective.

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To better solve the use of hypens for phrases being supplied adjectivally, check out the sentence below:

A knave, a rascal, an eater of damaged meats, a base proud, shallow, beggarly, three-suited, hundrea-pound, filthy-worsted stocking knawe; a lily-livered, actiontaking, whoreson glass-gazing super serviceable finical rogue, one-trunk-inheriting servant. — Sheakspeare

Here, absolutely Sheakspeare would been able including one-of-a-sort (adhered to to various other word ... !).

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