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<2pac>Sometimes it"s tough to wake up in the morningMind full of demons, I do not wanna hear them anymoreGot me heartdamaged, fine, so many type of babies screamingCause they seeing destruction before they a view human beingSo they begin smoking weed, we"ll never obtain our dayUntil we learn to pray, store our family members in shapeCausage they all damaged. And why do ghetto birds dieBefore we learn to fly, some bodies else"s son recorded in gunsSmoking weed, deserve to all make a changeSo I"m told, but I haven"t viewed the adjust unfold,I keep hoping please, if you prefer to breathe,Communities in require of human being that will leadKeep your eyes open up, I deserve to only say I"ll tryUntil the day I die, I promise to be wiseWith my heart open, greed, brings only miseryA method to tragedy, so I stay sucker freeOnly a couple of chosen, rise (rise)My ghetto queen, rise (rise)Don"t be afrhelp to attempt (try)Too many of us died to the door to open up wideMy brvarious other be wise, stay focused on the prizeThough everybody diesWe can...Only learn to take, our anger and our hateControl our psychological state, settle down, and also simply set it straightMaybe we deserve to learn to take a second to pump the brakesFor we sassist it, regret it later on, and let it escalateCause by then it"s as well simply late, there"s so a lot we deserve to takeThere"s just so a lot someone can swpermit and tolerateTo the point that he simply breaks, breaks and that"s all it takesYou"d think that we was learning from various other rappers mistakesBut we aintIts simple to go against, through eextremely artists, comes the picture he portraysAnd a snapshot that he paintsBut in the middle of all this anger and also this angstNever before as soon as did you hear me say I"m a gangster and I aint hear no complaintsBut I understand, that I will certainly constantly proceed to flourish,As lengthy as I lead and never before follow no one else"s shadowTright here will never before be an additional meAnd that I deserve to guaranteeThat"s why the fuck I remajor sucker complimentary to this dayThe game will never before be the sameNo matter just how much fame or success they attainTright here will never before be another meAnd no issue what they doTright here will certainly never before be an additional youYou can search but you"ll never before findYou deserve to attempt to rewind timeBut in your hearts and your mindsWe will never dieWe are forever before aliveAnd we proceed flourishing....<2pac>One day at a timeDon"t be captured in the publicity and also recorded in the hypeRappers are constant human being minus money and also lightSearching for fortune and fame, and super stardomAll the jewelry, all the cars, whose crew is the hardest.Now the hip-hop police, the villains is watchingAnd children think beef is the just optionOutlaws born filthy, guilty as chargedMy memories of Khaddafi, yet Makaveli lives onYou think the industry is funAnd no pity through gunsAnd when your money is upThat"s once your opponents comeSo if he passed away and also came backWould he attempt to conserve rap?We needing a adjust, the drama remainsI spent my whole life, fighting myselfThat I can not win so I"m inviting some helpAnd eexceptionally currently and also then I take civil liberties from leftI"m still simply favor a son, trying to find stripes on my beltAnd that there is a fight in itselfSo I simply pray and hope godTake a prefer to myselfNo matter how much I try (stay alive)I"m gunna die mad, still standing there in love through my prideHeard frivolous beats, we past thatI"m trying to keep some income coming inAnd collect on my ass capThe rappers in the game aint changedAnd I ultimately realized that we not in the same gameThe hating will never end, so I guess I"ll deal wit itThem 4-5 through cop killers, simply some steel wit itThe streets is military, you gotta be a soldierGotta continue to be leery and also keep your eyes on the rollersAs they do what they gotta carry out to shackle and hold usSo we gotta do what we gotta perform to keep rollingOne way at a time, save the belief in your mindAnd we continue growin...<2Pac>... One day at a time. Damn!