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"https://lutz-heilmann.info/once-upon-a-time-frank-sinatra/imager_2_13532_700.jpgOnce Upon a Time"https://lutz-heilmann.info/once-upon-a-time-frank-sinatra/imager_2_13532_700.jpg is a song written by Charles Strousage, with lutz-heilmann.info by Lee Adams, from the 1962 musical All Amerideserve to. It explains the loss of love over time. In the musical, the song was percreated by Ray Bolger and also Eileen Herlie, and their version appears on the Broadway Cast recording. It has actually been sung by Eddie Fisher, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, Tony Bennett and Bob Dylan among others.

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Once upon a timeA girl with moonlight in her eyesPut her hand also in mineAnd shelp she loved me soBut that was when upon a timeVery lengthy agoOnce upon a hillWe sat beneath a willow treeCounting all the stars and waiting for the dawnBut that was as soon as upon a timeNow the tree is goneHow the breeze ruffled via her hairHow we constantly laughed as though tomorrow wasn"https://lutz-heilmann.info/once-upon-a-time-frank-sinatra/imager_2_13532_700.jpgt thereWe were young and didn"https://lutz-heilmann.info/once-upon-a-time-frank-sinatra/imager_2_13532_700.jpgt have actually a careWbelow did it goOnce upon a timeThe people was sweeter than we knewEverypoint was oursHow happy we were thenBut somehow when upon a timeNever before comes againOnce upon a timeNever comes again

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Frank Sinatra Francis Albert "https://lutz-heilmann.info/once-upon-a-time-frank-sinatra/imager_2_13532_700.jpgFrank"https://lutz-heilmann.info/once-upon-a-time-frank-sinatra/imager_2_13532_700.jpg Sinatra, /sɨˈnɑːtrə/, (December 12, 1915 – May 14, 1998) was an American singer and also film actor of Italian origin. even more »


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