I am going to NYC to accomplish among my students who is in NY this week on service. We typically have actually a leschild on skype, but now she is coming to my lesboy place for course. After the lesson we will go for lunch. I argued we go for pizza at Lombardi’s, NY’s a lot of well known pizza restaurants. I like to go tbelow whenever before I have actually students or various other guests that come here from out of town. It is a great location and also when I go in tright here I always reap the atmosphere and also the pizza.

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We use go followed by a selection of prepositions, each with a various meaning. Do you know just how to use go + to / go + for / go + in? Have a look at the paragraph above and then check today’s lesboy.

We use go + to + as soon as we show activity in the direction of a area. Before the place, you need to:

I am going to NYCJack goes to his office by bicycle.Jenny checked out Cancun last month and also had actually a good time

Remember! Don’t usage to before house, there, here, somewhere, uptvery own, and also downtown:

I have to go uptown for a meeting. Not, I have to go to uptown for a meeting.Jack went home after work this particular day. Not, Jack visited home after occupational today.

We use go + to + verb as soon as we display the function of the activity. Be sure to usage to + base verb:

Jenny went to Cancun to relax for a week.I am going to NYC to meet one of my studentsJack went to his office to pick up his keys.

We also usage go + for + once we show the purpose of the activity.

go for pizza all the moment.Let’s go for lunchKen goes for a haircut every other week.

We usage go + in to suppose enter:

When I go in tbelow I constantly reap the environment.Let’s go in this shop. It looks interesting.Jenny went in the terminal to ask around the train schedule.

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Wbelow are you going today? What are you going there for? Leave a comment right here and also let us know!

If you understand anyone that can be interested in this English language point, why not assist them out! Just share this lesboy with them. Thanks for studying today!

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