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- Hey, Marissa! You"re the lady.

- Can"t hear you.

- Excuse me. I"d like to say I"m really glad and proud to be below tonight.

- I"m glad to see Frank"s dad made it out. That"s awesome. I haven"t seen him in prefer eight years. That"s great. Congratulations.

- I love you, Dad!

- True love is tough to discover.

- Sometimes you think you have true love, and then you capture the early trip house from San Diego, and a pair of nude human being jump out of your bathroom blindfolded choose a goddamn magic display, prepared to double-team your girlfrifinish...

- It stops right tright here and it proceeds right right here, bereason I think what my friend Mitch is trying to say is that true love is blind.

- Let"s raise our glasses, whatever before we gained in front of us. Salute. Health and happiness. Cheers, everybody.

- I love you so much, Frankie. I love you. I"m not a talker. I love you. Congratulations.

- I thought you sassist near campus. This is virtually on-campus. It"s sick.


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Actors: Luke Wilson (Mitch), Will Ferrell (Frank The Tank), Vince Vaughn (Beanie), Jeremy Piven (Dean Pritchard), Juliette Lewis (Heidi)

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