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DATELINE: It Could be Worse


As we detailed months ago, the direct hit on Oak Island by a huge category 5 hurricane would certainly properly suppose the finish of the season.As Marty Lagina opined with true fbest, something bad was about to happen. They had actually simply started excavating the swamp through expensive devices. They practically instantly found wood carved pegs. These were comparable to the ones found by Fred Nolan years back in the eenter of the swamp. It proved that the swamp was produced prior to 1700.By whom and also why?And currently also the work at Smith’s Cove with the copper dam was likewise around to challenge flooding waters. The sea levels have actually raised in centuries—and were currently were going to reinsurance claim the secrets.Gary Drayton uncovered some spikes that have actually been tright here for numerous years. Yet, Gary is disappointed that he did not discover any coins or spoils from those builders. They were too also careful.Digging for the Money Pit, they uncovered a tunnel that fed water right into the treasure shaft. They feel they were close to the original occupational spot and also could be at the actual treasure website. It could all be for naught.What this shows is that tbelow are 2 separate and also distinct mysteries on the island also. Two sepaprice groups may have actually put treacertain right here in this remote and perfect spot.They are learning why so many previous hunters went broke in this endeavor. Millions of dollars could be wasted by these efforts and also a herbal disaster avoiding them. Axe reduced timber at 110 feet shows somepoint entirely new. It is darker and also older than anypoint ever before checked out.We are seeing Waterloo unfold before our hopes as historical discoveries arise. Gary and Alex Lagina visit blacksmith historian Carmen Legg that offers them a date of 1600s for Gary’s latest findings.At the same time, everything need to be locked dvery own in instance winds over 150 mph hit within hrs and also via flooding. We were not shown the crew evacuating the island, which would certainly have been real drama. Instead, we come ago a day later–and also a treasure short.If you wonder around the idea of a curse at Oak Island, it is now unfolding through Dorian. The manmade causemeans was severely damaged.

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Swamp requirements to be re-drained. Yet, it’s not as poor as feared.