Located within the West Washington National Historic Register District, the Center was constructed in 1925 as the Children’s Dispensary, where cost-free and also decreased medical care was available to households without financial resources. It was later named after the Dispensary’s founder, Dr. Charles Hansel. The facility has likewise served as a area center and also as the bureaucratic workplaces for Head Start. The building consists of more than 10,000 square feet of space on two floors and also almost 4,000 square feet in the basement. 

The recently christened Notre Dame Center for Arts and also Culture now residences the Crossroadways Gallery, Segura Arts Studio, the University"s Office of Community Relations, and Educational Programming.

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University"s Office of Community Relations:

We presently live in a world wbelow technology has actually made the civilization a smaller sized area, with each of us having 3 levels of separation. Person interactivity and the understanding of art and cultural differences is lacking.

The Global Experience provides an possibility for human being to actively participate in learning around other societies. That exposure helps to eliminate the fear we often endure through things that are international and also helps us appreciate and enjoy the cultural distinctions that make this civilization an amazing location.

We strive to educate students and also community members on the wealthy social diversity and history of our world. We collaboprice across the Notre Dame disciplines, through our peers in greater education and learning, and also through the area at big to build programming which complements classroom experiences.

Our overarching goal is to cultivate audiences for social occasions both on and off-campus throughout the Michiana community. We want to celebrate as a area, strengthening our relationships and in the process lug the civilization to South Bfinish and adjust the community one heart at a time.

Crossroadways Gallery for Conshort-lived Art:

The Crossroads Gallery for Conshort-lived Art gives methods for viewers to reflect, enjoy, and also to learn with the visual arts. Our hope is that they will certainly obtain brand-new experiences from the presentations, imagination and also the aesthetics of brand-new visual expression accompanied by connected, community educational programming. 

Segura Arts Studio:

In 1981 Joe Segura founded the Segura Publishing Company in Tempe, Arizona to produce the functions of understood for artists, via a details interest in Hispanic art. The agency has actually considering that become known for its promovement of minority artists, exploration of photographic methods and an outstanding collaborative environment. Over its 30 year background, and also through the leadership of Joe Segura and his team, the Segura Publishing company has actually collaborated with many type of artists and also created many pieces of art. The agency has had a prodiscovered impact on the art neighborhood by both giving the methods to create works to understood for populations and by cultivating their functions and also pushing them right into the mainstream art neighborhood.

The acquisition of the Segura Publishing Company kind of by the University of Notre Dame in 2012 enables Joe Segura and also the studio to continue its mission of producing and making obtainable considerable fine art and offer the College an possibility to secure a footorganize on the avenues available to understood for artists.

Educational Programming:

The Notre Dame Center for Arts & Culture (NDCAC) looks for to carry out unique educational programs on South Bend’s West Side that incorporate one-on-one relationships, arts experiences and also life-lengthy discovering in a comfortable atmosphere.

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The NDCAC believes that all civilization have the right to be life-long learners, and also will certainly administer engaging and also pertinent educational avenues through Notre Dame and community partners. The Center boasts a technology lab with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as flexible discovering spaces suitable for adults or children. Whatever before your age, you are invited to join us in this new finding out community. Please check out avenues for your age team by clicking on a link under Class Schedule.