Sean McGee, a singer from Sanduskies, drops vocals for a new song he created at DreamLife Productions studios on"s East Side this month. The 20-year-old has actually become popular considering that he posted a song on MySpace in 2007.

SANDUSKY -- Sean McGee felt no one taken him until he mutual his feelings on the Web.

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McGee turned his teenage sadness, loneliness and also confusion right into "My Story," a song he created in 2007 while he lived out of a friend's automobile and also bounced in between friends' homes.

The lyrics define exactly how he felt after the fatality of his grandmommy, who taught him how to sing, and also the divorce of his parental fees. Lyrics likewise carry out insight right into the duration in his life once he was homemuch less.

The 20-year-old Sanduskies aboriginal posted the song on MySpace, the social-networking website. Now, more than 16 million hits later on, the crooner has come to be an Internet celebrity.

Thousands of world have left messages on his MyGap and also Facebook peras. People leave comments daily in which they compose around exactly how his song encourages and also inspires them.

"I began to check out the messages and civilization said the song changed their resides. . . . I couldn't think it," McGee sassist. "It was never before my intention to hit it significant, I didn't think people cared."

Hundreds of human being have posted versions and also spoofs of "My Story." McGee has actually likewise end up being a heartthrob. Woguys leave posts saying he is cute and also blow him Net kisses. They sfinish him pictures and ask to be his girlfrifinish.

On a current look at his page, a girl from Mississippi wrote exactly how she is his best fan and has added one of his songs as her cell phone ring tone.

The attention has actually provided the raw-voiced singer the chance to rub shoulders with well-known producers and artists in R&B and hip-hop music. Some major-label artists, prefer rapper Trina, have actually remixed his song and put it on the Net.

But his path to budding stardom has not been directly, and also, at times, he has actually been his own roadblock.

Look me in my eyes and attempt to feel my pain Do you understand exactly how it feels to be left out in the rain? Each and also eexceptionally day there's someone judging me Worry around my life and exactly how I live in these streets

Eincredibly day I wake up gained a hundred different haters Trying to keep this paper, stacks lift favor elevators elevators But no one really desires to hear my story my story That's why I'm all alone, there's no one below for me

I obtained no place to go, I'm living residence to residence And no one really knows what the hell is going on How I feel inside, feelings I try to hide whoa, ooh My daddy don't understand, my momma don't treatment Don't matter if I'm below, it don't matter if I'm tbelow So what I'm supposed to carry out in this cold cruel world

Eexceptionally day I wake up, obtained a hundred different haters, Trying to get this paper, stacks lift favor elevators But no one really desires to hear my story That's why I'm all alone, there's no one right here for me

McGee's dad, Rick, a firefighter through the Sandusky Fire Department, described his kid as a typical son that did well in school. But he shelp that when he and also his wife, Monique, who works at an automotive components plant in Sanduskies, divorced after even more than twenty years of marriage, his child, then 17, took a turn for the worse.

"He felt favor we continued to be together for his older brothers, however not for him," the elder McGee shelp. "It was hard on him."

After the divorce, McGee, who has 2 older brothers, shuttled between his parents' residences. But they asked him to leave once he damaged their rules. After his junior year, he dropped out of Sandusky High School.

"When he obtained out tright here, he determined it wasn't as simple as he believed it would be and also he made desperate decisions to go out and also make a dollar," his father said.

On his own, McGee continued to be with relatives and friends, such as Reiko Clark, his barber. He would certainly load clothes into the earlier seats of friends' cars, and sometimes sleep on the roadways.

"I was all alone and also felt I had nowhere to go, no one taken me," McGee shelp. "Nobody really knew I was out tbelow because I didn't desire to tell them."

He scribbled song lyrics, and also to make money, he offered drugs. After he penned "My Story," he videotaped it in a friend's home studio. The frifinish motivated him to short article it on the Net.

"I didn't understand anything around MySpace," McGee sassist. "I wasn't concentrating on a computer; I needed somewright here to lay my head."

In September 2007, he was arrested for drug possession, tampering through evidence and various other connected offenses after police found him through cocaine and ecstasy after a web traffic speak.

He was locked up in the Erie County Jail till he posted bond the following month. When he obtained out, he saw his MySpace web page and also uncovered that he had actually more than 10,000 hits for his song.

After his release, McGee conserved money for studio time. He posted even more songs, using friends' or relatives' computers.


Randy Porter, that owns the Sonic Pleasure Palace studio in Sandusky, said McGee has an intense power and enthusiasm for music.

"I'm always trying to gain him to occupational on his craft," Porter shelp. "He has a great voice, and I don't want him to throw it amethod."

In September, he was tapped as an up-and-coming artist at the Ohio Hip-Hop Awards. He captured the attention of DreamLife Productions, a also record company, wright here he signed a document and also monitoring deal.

His manager, that goes by Sosa, also maneras well-known hip-hop artist Al Fatz. He says he believes McGee will certainly be a star.

"He writes every one of his very own music and he has an amazing voice," Sosa sassist. "He doesn't sound like he is 20 at all, and also the soul in his voice is essential in the game ideal currently."

In the previous few weeks, McGee flew to Atlanta to meet via producers. He has actually additionally been to New York and also New Jersey to document and also perform in front of popular producers prefer Poke of the Trackmasters, and also hip-hop artists favor Young Chris. He now also has his own Net website,

Tropikana, a radio personality at WENZ FM/107.9 in, called McGee a talented performer that has actually developed a strong fan base through the Web.

"He has actually a hit on his hands," Tropikana sassist. "I think if he proceeds to stay concentrated and also save a strong monitoring team approximately him, he might be the next massive thing."

Last month, Erie County Judge Robert Binette ordered McGee to undergo drug counseling and also to achieve a GED.

His mother shelp her son's rebellious duration was tough, however he necessary to go through it to get to the point he is at now.

"I think he is beginning to get his life earlier and he's realized it can't be done without hard job-related," Robinchild said.

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