‘No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!’: The Punk History

M.D.C. singer Dave Dictor looks ago on “Born to Die” lyric that influenced punks and also protesters alike


Green Day stunned the pop crowd at the Amerihave the right to Music Awards last night by inserting some punk politics into their performance of their Radvancement Radio single “Bang Bang.” Deep right into the song, Billie Joe Armstrong led an impromptu chant of “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA,” a catchy, practically cheerleader-favor refrain that has actually recorded on via protesters since the election.

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It’s a line that stretches all the method earlier to the early on Eighties, as soon as the hardcore group M.D.C. clashed through Nazis in Austin, Texas, so they created the song “Born to Die” about it. The track would certainly make its debut tape-recorded performance on the band’s 1982 LP, Millions of Dead Cops. At the moment, yet, singer Dave Dictor was chanting, “No war, no KKK, no fascist USA.” Armsolid and his bandmates played via M.D.C. in the previous, so the lyric has most likely stuck to them over the years.

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“Born to Die” remains a set-list staple for the team, which has actually taken to singing the “No Trump” variation live in recent years. Although Dictor’s phone didn’t blow up last night in the time of the AMAs, he claims civilization were contacting him around Green Day’s usage of the line by means of eincredibly other approach. Here, the singer reflects on the song’s heritage of protest.

What’s the story behind “Born to Die”?Back in 1980, I remained in a band also the referred to as the Stains, which morphed into Millions of Dead Cops in 1981, in Austin, Texas. We were aware of the Ku Klux Klan’s harassment and violence versus the farmemployees in Texas. Cesar Chavez’s civilization were organizing. At the same time, and also what I think was unconnected, the Klan began recruiting at punk mirrors in Texas. We as punks stood approximately them at our reflects external of Inner Sanctum Record Store in a parking lot in Austin as well as as soon as they tried to march, at the state capital, in the fevery one of 1980 in Austin as well.

The “No Trump” variation has actually resonated via some protesters. Has that line been appropriated by other protesters that you know of?I’ve been to assorted protests through the years wright here the line, “No war, no KKK, no fascist USA” was supplied. I remember it particularly throughout the Iraq War in the 1990s and also aobtain throughout the last 15 years with Iraq aacquire and also Afghanistan.

Why execute you think this line has resonated via protesters?I don’t consciously remember as soon as and where it first started, yet I think it’s just a great line that captures what we want.

Are you friendly through Green Day?I have well-known the men with Gilman Street in Berkeley in the late 1980s and 1990s. We played a backyard party and also crossed paths at clubs with the years. They are nice people and also I constantly wiburned them well as they became more renowned. Though I had actually no heads up, I execute understand they are mindful, good world so I’m not shocked.

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What did you think of Environment-friendly Day’s performance and use of the line?I just totally applaud it. We have actually a video clip on YouTube that I hope gets a few views with the very same title. But it’s somepoint that needs to be shelp and they obviously have the platcreate to get that assumed out tright here much and wide. Good on them.

What are your personal feelings around President-elect Trump?It’s weird, I always assumed he was a character and also I’d gain sitting alongside him on a aircraft ride. But these lines about Mexihave the right to rapists and also registering and barring Muslims play to the worst in our character. I am so sad to think of the youngsters being bullied in institution best this moment as well as the wall surfaces that will certainly thrive separating our human family. We as humans must evolve and number out just how to live together. His ultra-rightwing cabinet selections are the icing on the cake. America is heading down a very dark road. So yeah, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!”