In today’s pro-reminder, we’re stepping ameans from technology to attend to a more widespread worry inside the church and also informing you what no one else will certainly tell you around No Food and also Drink Signs in church.

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*Editors note* I really hammered down on the “we desire to be good stewards” reason for these indicators. But I additionally understand that tbelow may be various other reasons such as reverence towards the organization. Whatever before your factor, they can still come off as unwelcoming and also put a negative taste in people’s mouths…

No Food Or Drink Signs Need To Go


Many type of churches still have signs external their Sanctuaries that say, “no food or drinks in church.”

In short, these signs are unwelcoming.

We understand also why you put these indications up. Either you desire to keep your area clean, or you desire to be respectful of company inside, probably a different reason all together… but these factors are not on the minds of attendees as soon as they are coming right into the building.

You need to look past what you’re doing right into exactly how it renders human being feel. I’m not talking around treating everyone choose a snowflake… but seriously consider the emotions and also feelings that you invoke via what you do.

What Kind Of Feeling Does A No Food Or Drink Sign Invoke?

Let’s think of various other places wright here food and also drink ARE NOT allowed:

The doctor’s office.A classroom.A stiff grandmom who doesn’t allow food or playing on her lush white carpet.

These are all areas that are linked with begrudging attendance. They are not areas you desire to go of your own totally free will certainly (sorry grandmother).

And exactly how around wbelow food and also drinks ARE allowed:

Movie theaters.Sports stadiums.And rather possibly your grandmas home (my very own grandma kept me fed).

All these are fun and also entertaining places that we are eager to visit. We look forward to these events!

So if you say, “you’re welinvolved come as you are” but you put rules and borders on what people have the right to bring…well, you simply may come off as a happy camper in front a authorize that states, “GO AWAY” (much choose the thumbnail for this post).

Why We Hate No Food Or Drink Signs


Created by CTA Insider, Ryan McGill

These indications illicit a feeling of not belonging.No food or drinks permitted are associated with places we don’t look forward to.Some human being don’t desire to go one or two hrs without a sip of water…so don’t make them!It’s even more vital to let people feel comfortable than to save your carpet and chairs pristine (plus stained concrete is easier to maintain vs carpet)


No food or drink indicators are a relic of the previous.

They produce the illusion that the church is not a location to be yourself. Many kind of have currently damaged with the mold of “church dress” and currently enable anyone to come as they are.

But these signs reprimary, producing a casual atmosphere that still has actually rules and also limits.

If you want to be a church that “feels like family” and says, “welcome home,” make sure your sanctuary feels that way as well.

Bring dvery own your No Food or Drink indications.

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Do you still have actually no food or drink signs hanging up? Let us recognize in the comments below!

Remember that the ultimate authorize for your church is your webwebsite. You will certainly get more civilization finding you digital that driving by your church. So while you burn your No Food Or Drink Sign…make certain your webwebsite is approximately speed.